Painting Kids

I could just let these pictures look like a simple, fun time.
Or I could write about the truth which was that the kids whined and fought like cats and dogs the whole time.  photo 223eresized_zps12d0e4ef.jpg

Brooklyn’s teacher showed her class Michael Jackson’s thriller video and she did the dance now and then.  photo 236eresized_zps80d6422c.jpg

Payson spent his time using two brushes for maximum coverage. He vigorously painted his entire page and then another. Even during art time he’s full of testosterone.  photo 243eresized_zps309befd8.jpg photo 234eresized_zps4f3ca7d0.jpg photo 269e2resized_zps1389b0b3.jpg

I don’t have anywhere else to put these but look at how excited my kids were with their after-school snack that day!  photo 218bwresized_zps44146a66.jpg photo 213bwresized_zpsc266c8ff.jpg
I have four bottomless pits on my hands šŸ˜‰

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