I’m Going to Have a Baby This Month!!

 photo 124e2resized_zpsf0e2e649.jpg

Everett has dropped. Like, dude is hanging out on my cervix. haha
I’m 3cm dilated and 70% effaced and the doctor says Everett’s head is right there! Everything’s ready to go!  photo 171ecropresized_zpsb287f28b.jpg

Ember wanted to wear her Halloween costume all day so she was dressed up for my appointment.  photo 093eresized_zps5f5c5a4f.jpg

I filled Ember’s Dora bag up with a couple toys and snacks to keep her busy during my appointment. She loved it!  photo 100eresized_zps0782aa72.jpg

I’m now feeling really ready to meet my little boy. I’m glad he’s not here yet since I’m suffering with a really bad cold (I have NO voice today!! Eek), but anytime he wants to come after I kick this is fine with me! Based on past pregnancies he’ll probably be here around the 20th!
β™₯ C a n ‘ t β™₯ W a i t β™₯  photo 214eresized_zps5027866a.jpg photo 215eresized_zps506b1409.jpg

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