A Very Happy Halloween!!

I think yesterday was our family’s best Halloween yet! 🙂

I had a quick photoshoot with the kids while we waited for Allan to come home. The older girls loved their costumes so much last year they wanted to re-wear them. I told them to change it up they could be the dead versions, or zombie versions. Brooklyn decided Dracula genie was better than zombie genie and wouldn’t be swayed otherwise.  photo 260eresized_zps43ddb8c1.jpg

Sierra was zombie Cleopatra.
 photo 315ehresized_zpsef86900b.jpg photo 312ebwresized_zps6f408f8f.jpg

Payson’s love of Spiderman continues 🙂  photo 236e2resized_zpsc8748d17.jpg

“Room on the Broom” is Ember’s favorite Halloween book, I think that’s why she was super excited to be a witch this year!  photo 273eresized_zpsb6e0f9c2.jpg

Sierra was crying because of the sleeves of her costume by the time we took group pictures, that’s why her smile looks forced. Just after this shot I took them off for her!
 photo 332eresized_zps14496475.jpg
I have a bunch of photos of them trick or treating but they’re on the point and shoot camera which Allan has with him in Colorado. He’ll get home tonight and I’ll maybe blog a couple of those later.

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