Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving went really well this year! We really like having a super mellow, small affair when it comes to Thanksgiving.

The baby took a two hour nap which was just enough time for me to put together the items I didn’t buy pre-made and to heat up the items I did buy pre-made! He woke up just after I’d put all the food on the table! I breastfed him while Allan loaded everyone’s plates up. Then we all ate! After dinner we each got a project life card to write what we’re thankful for on and those went into our family scrapbook album. I then gave the kids another one to write (and color!) on again for Thanksgiving for their individual albums. Then we all went outside and hung out for a while in the amazing weather! It was perfect!  photo 025ecropresized_zpsd0348eab.jpg photo 031eresized_zps21ebc984.jpg photo 033eresized_zps46bc8fd7.jpg

It was cute when Allan went to put food on all the kids’ plates. He said he was the waiter and he got a pen and paper and took their orders. I wish I’d video’d it or something because it was adorable! The kids loved it!  photo 064eresized_zps6875257e.jpg photo 066eresized_zpsfe3a119c.jpg

Though he didn’t eat any of it I wanted a picture of the baby by all the food. lol  photo 073eresized_zps3425d924.jpg

I annoyed the crap out of the family by asking for five minutes to take some group pictures. I desperately wanted to set up the tripod and get one of all of us but I knew they’d all hate me forever so I skipped that! ha  photo 087e2resized_zps0ceaadfe.jpg photo 096eresized_zpsf17da7ea.jpg photo 106eresized_zps1f359167.jpg photo 108eresized_zpsc6a4561b.jpg

Baby’s first Thanksgiving!
 photo 115eresized_zps2e07dbf5.jpg photo 119eresized_zps561852c7.jpg photo 121eresized_zps567a1d7d.jpg

I snapped a picture of each of the older girls. Payson and Ember were off playing hide and seek.  photo 130eresized_zps7e626fd7.jpg photo 133eresized_zpsea3a3777.jpg

I’m so thankful for my family. And most especially thankful for the amazing man I married!!  photo 137eresized2_zps0e606fa2.jpg


Baby just farted loudly in his sleep and it startled him awake. I can’t stop giggling about it! Lol

Oh and today is the first day I’m back to solo parenting. It’s a juggling act, even with three of five in school, but I think it’d be a thousand times easier if Ember wasn’t sick. Which is good because she won’t be sick forever!

What Can I Say?

I’m glad that everyone is not sicker than they are?
I’m glad that though I didn’t sleep all night, um, this phase doesn’t last forever.
I’m thankful that after starting the morning routine, breakfast, with all five kids (the baby screaming) Allan came in and took over before-school prep.
I’m glad that this phase doesn’t last forever.
I’m glad that I have a washing machine because hand washing two or three loads of milk-soaked clothes every day would be awful.
I’m glad that this phase doesn’t last forever.
I’m really glad this phase doesn’t last forever.
I’m dead tired. My eyes are burning. But in two weeks (ish) everything will be a bit better.
 photo 087eresized_zps001f8147.jpg

I seriously felt like super woman when I remembered to grab my camera and document the baby’s first sponge bath!! Trying to photograph things is just not doable!  photo 030eresized_zpsb1402b93.jpg
PS: you can see his syndactyly (webbed fingers) really well in that picture above!

It was Very Hard

I have no idea how a normal transition from four to five children would go. I only know how my transition has gone and it hasn’t been well!

Payson was just getting over a bad cold/cough the day I had the baby. We figured that’d be a good thing because by the time we came home from the hospital he’d be over it and we wouldn’t have to worry as much.

Except it’s 4 days later and he still sounds congested and Sierra sounds congested and has a cough and Ember is sicker than a dog. In fact, Allan just got home from urgent care with her with some antibiotics for strep. So she has a really awful cold virus and strep, again.

The kids all being sick means trying to keep my newborn away from them! AND as if that isn’t bad enough (it SO is, it makes me cry a lot to keep them from their brother!) I have to try to stay away from them because I don’t want them coughing and sneezing all over me. Which they have so many times already!! I’m constantly washing my hands and arms and changing my clothes. And I’ve done a bazillion loads of laundry because I only have about three items of clothing that work for nursing. I swear my boobs are two sizes larger this time so NONE of my nursing bras fit!!

So I tell them to change their clothes all the time and give them frequent baths and have them washing their hands and I try to let them stand nearby to watch when I do things with the baby but I regret it every time because they end up coughing or sneezing right towards him! Payson and Ember are the sickest and the ones who don’t understand being kept away. Ember washes her hands and then comes up to me all excited and says, “See? Mine hands clean now! I washed the germs off them! I can hold him now!” I’ve taken to telling her when her nose isn’t stuffy anymore then she can hold him!

I’m really missing my baby girl. She and I used to spend all day every day together and I really, really, really loved those days. I haven’t even been able to cuddle her much or spend time with her this week and she’s terribly sick. It makes me cry a LOT and I can barely stand it. I can’t wait until she’s better and I can have her in my lap with the baby all day!!

The baby, who is currently nameless, except almost named (by Allan), is doing really well. I don’t want to talk about the name situation AT ALL so please don’t ask. It’s a really awful topic for me and I’d rather just call my baby “baby” and never think about stupid names again.

The baby latched on RIGHT away after birth. I thought because of his tiny mouth I’d have more problems like I did with Ember but he’s doing SO well!! He latches on and drinks and the only problem is my CRAZY overactive letdown and overproduction. I produce WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY too much milk. I can feed him really well and then pump 8 ounces out in ten minutes. I try not to ever pump because I don’t want to keep my boobs producing too much but twice since he was born I’ve had to because I was SO engorged I couldn’t take the pain and was worried about mastitis forming! Hopefully he’s a big eater and in a week or two he can keep up with the flow! Maybe it’ll help when Ember is healthy and can nurse along with him. I did nurse the two of them together once for a few minutes after she’d had a bath. I was expecting that to be rough but it wasn’t at all. She was adorable and popped off after a minute and with a quivering, worry-ful voice said, “I done. The rest of mommy milty is for baby Evett!” It was seriously so sweet! She’s been the SWEETEST with him and it just kills me!! I can’t wait until she can hold and touch her baby brother! (Oh and I showered after I nursed her which is why I’d chosen that moment to let her nurse alongside him!)

So this sounds super negative, and it has been beyond rough, but we’re all head over heels in love with this boy!! He’s the smallest, sweetest little thing and getting to know and fall in love with him (and not just the idea of him while in my belly!) has been amazing!! I am so overjoyed at having him in my life! I am excited for the next few weeks and months and year of him. I want to keep him forever and ever and am super sad if he’s out of my arms. Which, he isn’t ♥

Typing isn’t just hard right now, it’s impossible (this is literally the first time I’ve had two minutes with my hands free in four days!) so I will not be updating here very often! I would love to get these memories written, preferrably in my journal, but I just can’t. So I’m letting go of properly documenting his first days (I have taken like so few pictures it’s crazy) and just getting through them! And now, I really need to get off here!  photo 110resized_zps33fcb518.jpg photo 115eresized_zps6c63332c.jpg
PS: I do update a bit more on instagram just because I can do it with one hand and if he’s fallen asleep on me I sometimes have my iPod near enough to grab and post. I’m ariana_tiffany on instagram.

Baby boy!

Sorry I never posted about this! He was born really late and it was a traumatic experience (just fine, just painful and intense, you know!) and mostly, my iPod died! Ha
So far his favorite things are boobs and crying. Lots of crying. Lol

No baby yet

Our 5am induction was delayed. Not a huge surprise but so frustrating! I’m absolutely dying (I feel like my heart won’t stop racing with nerves!) with anticipation!

At this point I just want to go in *sometime* today! I will cry if they completely reschedule me. Cryyyyyy. And not sleep for another night because of nerves!!! And pain! Lol. Everything hurts these days.
If you’re the praying type I wouldn’t mind an extra prayer or two that we’re called soon!
I plan on blogging from the hospital on this iPod. If I do it right I can even post a photo!
Anyway, off to try to distract myself again!

Desiring Time Travel

Just to tomorrow night. I just want to fast forward to tomorrow night. Then it will be the night before I have my baby instead of the night before the night before I have my baby.

But I can’t complain or be impatient or anything of the sort because I only have one more day as a pregnant lady. I have only one more day until I meet my son. One more day. Tuesday my baby boy will be here!

Goodness gracious what am I going to do tomorrow?!?! I’m going to be pacing around like a crazed woman with anticipation!! Even though I can barely walk (truly, it’s horrifying) I might just have to stay out of the house all day tomorrow with Ember to distract myself.

Maybe I’ll take her to a movie at the dollar theater. Or maybe a visit to the library? Or maybe just a Costco trip?
Or maybe I actually feel like passing out with exhaustion at just the idea of those things and I’ll lay around on the couch and watch Nickjr all day with her? haha  photo 039eresized_zpsb7cbb59e.jpg

I had the very best time watching the BYU game with Allan this weekend! Such a good game!! It was the most perfect timing ever, too, because that day was particularly bad physically. Everything on my entire body hurt for some reason.
An exciting football game was just what I needed!  photo 053eresized_zpsdc23eaef.jpg

The girls have been writing and drawing a million notes and stories.  photo 065eresized_zpsc3f53aff.jpg

Another thing my kids are always doing is making giant messes.  photo 083eresized_zps1a6b570e.jpg

I’m still absolutely head over heels in love with project life. Love love love love love love. Love.
Ember joins me at the kitchen counter with paints while I catch up before baby brother comes.  photo 003eresized_zps5963e1d0.jpg

She’d brought those wings to Allan while he watched another football game and he tied them on for her. She wore them all evening.  photo 012eresized_zpsc4e38bc5.jpg

I Lost My Mucous Plug Yesterday

And that’s pretty gross.
Three more days left!  photo 059eresized_zpsd20b434f.jpg

Allan and I are going to make the boys’ room in our next house a BYU football theme. I drew my ideas out for the room months and months ago (pretty much the week I found out we were having a boy! haha) and part of the decor is going to be some BYU helmets and jerseys and footballs and huge blown up photos of our boys in BYU gear! Oh and of course a poster print of the stadium!

So, because I want to take some football themed newborn pictures of Everett and since I want some of those to include Payson, I went ahead and bought a BYU football uniform outfit for Payson now so that he can wear it for the photoshoot! We’re planning on it being his Halloween costume next year, too!
It came in the mail today and I’m crazy excited about it. Crazy excited to raise brothers!!  photo 062eresized_zps8c55a2fd.jpg