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Allan and I made our final decision about our move timing this weekend. I wanted more than anything to get out of the desert before Everett’s born but after thinking about it a lot I realized, I can’t handle a move the week before my baby’s born! Duh. haha!
I so wanted to be able to be in our new place before he’s born but the months have ticked by and it just got too close to his birth day. So, we’re staying in Arizona until the first week of January!

This weekend a weird thing happened. My mind switched from this intent fixation on getting out of here ASAP to… baby prep!! I bought almost everything I need already so I’m not so much needing to get things. I just want to set things up now! I have gone through all our closets and organized everything, I’ve been through our cupboards and pantry and basically… everything. I cleaned out our laundry room (we have a good sized laundry room that ends up catching a lot of random crap throughout the years) and am just really ready to start making sure everything has a place and then putting up the crib, the swing, the changing area… nesting. Just ordinary nesting.

Today I have a lot of cleaning to do! I can’t really be surprised, even though I spent literally the entire weekend cleaning, because my house and six people’s worth of stuff just gets messy really easily. But, I’m not looking forward to it. I’m in that phase where I’ve organized everything and now there are just the last few “piles” of stuff that I need to find a place for. Like, my non pregnancy clothes. My closet is as full as I want it with my maternity clothes so there is NO room to hang up my pre pregnancy clothes. I’m not sure where to put them. I suppose I’ll put them in a box and make a place to put that box in my closet.
Gosh I’m getting boring… rambling about organizing? Geez.  photo 021e2resized_zpse8610122.jpg

Today was pajama day at the kids’ school. Tell me I’m not the only mom who doesn’t regularly buy her kids cutesy matching pajama sets? I usually buy them $3 clearance pajama bottoms and then $3 oversized t-shirts. I don’t want to spend $15-20 on sets.
But obviously I feel guilty that my kids look like ragamuffins heading to school. ha  photo 033ecropresized_zpsa5b05464.jpg

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