I’m so moody.
So moody.

I’m irritated with everyone and everything in my life right now. So.Irritated.

Sometimes I want to talk about something in particular that’s bothering me. But I KNOW (from past comments) that NO ONE will understand. So I don’t. But I think maybe I need to just approach my story telling differently. Because no one understands how I’m feeling without a REALLY long back story, that I’m not willing to share- in order to protect certain people in my life, I figured I’d just give a hypothetical situation that kinda shows what I’m feeling. So, here’s a fun exercise. (Not really fun, actually)
Imagine you’re hanging out with a friend before they go to work. Right as they’re about to walk out the door they turn and punch you in the face.

You’re bleeding and your nose is broken. You tell them angrily, “You just broke my nose!”

The friend runs and gets you some ice and then offers to take you to the hospital.
They’ll be late to work doing so.
On the drive to the hospital you’re complaining about your sore, bleeding, broken nose.
Your friend tells you, “You’re complaining a lot about your broken nose. I just want to hear that you’re thankful that I’m going to be late to work because I’m taking you to the hospital. I just want you to be positive that I’m doing this for you. Because I wouldn’t be driving to the hospital if your nose wasn’t broken.”

How exactly would you feel in that moment?

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