Things from Thursday

1. Allan got news last Friday that he was going to be hired by that company in Colorado. Because of what’s going on in that company and his current company and the baby’s due date… it was decided that he wouldn’t have a start date until January!
I didn’t blog about this because I had a huge sobbing meltdown and didn’t want to talk to a soul about it. No one understands the way I feel about being stuck here in Arizona with a newborn so I didn’t want to bother trying to explain why I wasn’t super happy about finally hearing we were escaping.

2. Allan got an email from someone higher up, very much higher up, that basically said he really loved Allan and wanted Allan to start ASAP. Doesn’t matter what’s going on in their company, this guy’s top priority was getting Allan working there right now. So, today Allan’s expecting a call today with an offer and a start date of… probably early next month?! I HOOOOOOOOOPE!! I’ll post about it when we get solid news.

3. Sierra finally lost her tooth! That thing held on with determination but yesterday morning it anti-climatically fell out when she wiggled it with her tongue!
I am a really horrible tooth fairy because the second the kids were in bed I forgot all about her tooth under the pillow. I pretty much don’t think about my kids at all once they’re in bed. My brain is so fried I pretty much don’t think of anything, really! haha!
BUT, back to the tooth fairy, Sierra happens to be really easy to “trick” (for lack of a better word) so this morning after hearing her talking to Payson about her tooth, I slipped into her room with a dollar under my shirt. I told her how bummed I was we left her bedroom door shut and that the poor tooth fairy probably couldn’t get it open. Then I moved her pillow over while asking her, “Where is your tooth?”
As I shifted the pillow with one hand I snuck the dollar to the side of her bed (near her pillow) with the other. She immediately caught sight of the dollar and lunged forward, smiling. I said, “The pillow must’ve pushed it over there when you lifted it earlier!”
Sierra laughed and with a HUGE grin said, “It was there! I just didn’t see it! Oh my gosh!” I can’t remember her exact words after that but she was filled with excitement. haha! She didn’t have any doubts or questions about “missing” the dollar the first time she checked.
I just feel bad picturing her lifting her pillow in the morning and finding her tooth still there 🙁 🙁

4. Ember’s potty training is going really well! I really didn’t want to say anything for fear of everything falling apart right after saying so, but this is day three with no accidents so… I’m hopeful! haha
Monday she peed her pants 6 times! She didn’t pee in the potty once that day! Tuesday we were out on errands for about four hours. She drank at least 12 ounces of water in that time and I stopped at the restroom in each place we visited and sat her on the toilet to see if she needed to go. I was seriously SO convinced she was going to pee her pants in a store but she didn’t! But, she also refused to go pee on the public restroom toilets. I’d put her on there and she’d look like she was thinking she couldn’t imagine anything worse. She’d tell me each time, “I fink I just wait to use my small potty at home.” lol. So freaking adorable!
So she didn’t have any accidents and didn’t pee until we got home. We got home and while I was putting away groceries she went over to her potty and peed! It was a lot of pee, too! haha
For the next week or two I’m going to bring her potty in my car and see if she’ll go in there before heading into a store. Hopefully that works out. I’ll also have to bring a water bottle to rinse it off and a grocery bag to set it on. And maybe I might as well keep a change of pants/panties in my diaper bag, too!

5. Pregnancy. I should probably not blog about being pregnant. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. haha

6.Allan got a really big promotion and raise at his current company. Like, really huge. If I didn’t loathe Arizona as much as I do we’d be in a pretty good position here!

7. My mom’s coming to stay with me for two weeks around the time the baby’s due. I’m super excited to see her!

Um, there’s probably a lot more but I am freaking hungry and need to go make myself some breakfast. ha  photo 040eresized_zpscb32d75f.jpg

These pictures were from our outing on Tuesday. Ember was so full of energy that day. We had fun but I was feeling SO much pressure and pain in my pelvis. I think maybe the baby dropped a bit this week because suddenly I have shooting pain in my hips and lower back when I walk.
Ember, though, Ember was really happy and had a blast in Big Lots looking at cheapy toys.  photo 049e2resized_zpsf6a4bdb6.jpg photo 054eresized_zpsfdf320a3.jpg

We spent a good long while in the Christmas section trying out all the singing/dancing toys.  photo 071eresized_zps6489d35d.jpg

We ate pizza at Costco but Ember said she was still hungry once we got to WalMart. I got her a small fries and small powerade to snack on while we shopped.  photo 116eresized_zps52492418.jpg photo 123eresized_zps2b89e914.jpg

It’s been many months since she got McDonald’s so she was pretty happy about it.  photo 125eresized_zps0acae690.jpg

I’ve finished Christmas shopping for my kids except I need one more thing for Ember. I’m thinking about getting her a small bike or a scooter. I’m not sure…  photo 147eresized_zpsf37b0c4c.jpg

She was able to pedal forward a little bit but once her feet got to a certain position she couldn’t move forward anymore. I’m not sure if I want to get her a bike now, with winter in Colorado looming, or get her some other toy and wait to get her a bike next year. Trivial decision 😉
 photo 149eresized_zpscc28e722.jpg

This is about when I thought maybe it wasn’t a good idea to give her chocolate in the car.  photo 157eresized_zpsb4562a89.jpg

I bought the girls Christmas dresses from Costco. I had them try the dresses on for me and because they’re really soft dresses, Brooklyn was happy! She complains so much about dresses, it’s always a huge relief when I find one that’s pretty and that she likes!
I just need to buy some half tees for them to wear under the dresses.
 photo 163cloneeresized_zps728e0311.jpg

One night before bed Sierra’s tooth looked like maybe it was ready to come out. I tried to pull on it but, nope. It was holding on tightly.  photo 003ebwresized_zps3fcb4dce.jpg

Huge belly.
 photo 021eresized_zps3b12962b.jpg

I’m so sick of cleaning toothpaste off of my counters!
 photo 038eresized_zps656818ca.jpg

This morning!
 photo 050eresized_zpsecbf4129.jpg photo 053eresized_zps87a8c01a.jpg

While I was snapping those photos of Sierra and her lost tooth the other kids ran outside to play with the sprinkler.  photo 057eresized_zps549f963d.jpg

I told them not to get wet since we were two minutes from heading to the car to drive to the bus stop.  photo 062eresized_zps9dcea0d3.jpg photo 065eresized_zpsc4d5c886.jpg

Ember said that water made her really cold!  photo 071eresized_zps8d4a87e4.jpg photo 072eresized_zpsb63b9341.jpg

Brooklyn got a homework assigment earlier in the week to make a diagram with some animal print outs. It’s due today. She didn’t tell me about it until after bedtime last night. I let her stay up and make one. She told me a lot of other kids in her class had their mom make most of their diagram. We talked about how stupid that was of moms to do their kids projects! ha  photo 077eresized_zpsf714b1ea.jpg photo 078eresized_zpsf6bbd768.jpg

While we were walking towards the garage Ember was telling me her pants were all wet. She was starting to cry about it (I could see a meltdown seconds away, she is a total grump in the mornings and everything makes her break down in crying fits. lol!) so I quickly said, “I know! My pants are super wet, too!”
But I wasn’t wearing pants, I was wearing a dress, so she looked and saw my bare legs and laughed and said, “You not wearing pants!”  photo 103eresized_zps7dc3ad16.jpg

You’re right, Ember. And you’re not crying anymore 😉  photo 114eresized_zpsb2844ad5.jpg

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  • Congratulations to you and Allan on the new job and upcoming move! Thank you for sharing the links to the printable story-prompt pages. We'll be using them this coming week in homeschool.

    Ember is getting so big! All the kids are. I can't get over how grown up Brooklyn is looking these days…especially with her new glasses. 😉

    I also want to say – I know you don't feel fabulous, but you certainly look fabulous! If I saw you out and about, I would think, “Pregnancy sure agrees with her!”

    Enjoy your weekend!

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