So much is going on this week! I’m not sure exactly what I should blog about as far as Allan’s job situation goes because I swear the second I say anything to anyone about it things change drastically but I’m pretty sure the stuff going on right now is all fairly set in stone and it’s safe…

First off Allan just got a huge promotion and raise at his current job. I mean, huge. So… that’s nice and difficult at the same time! It’s super awesome because not only is it more money (and more money is always awesome, I could stop worrying about our crazy high food budget! ha) and a better position but they also value him a lot more and are treating him a whole lot better and basically… in love with him right now. lol!

If I was talking about myself I’d maybe not say this but since it’s my husband and I’m proud of him I can. ha

So the other thing is, about the job opportunity in Colorado. Last Friday Allan went to Colorado for a second interview. I really thought he was going to get an offer but it turns out he didn’t that day. But they don’t him basically for sure they were going to give him an offer they just had to wait for one thing. And I don’t think I can blog about that one thing without it being bad? I don’t know. Allan doesn’t want me to put many details about his companies and stuff so… anyway. They said they would be offering him the job and since it was going to be a couple weeks (and I’d be due right around then with the baby) they’d expect him to start sometime after November. But then the holiday season is crazy and busy and also a rough time to move so we’d basically not move until January!!

And this is why I never blogged about all that- I broke down and cried for a good hour at that news because the last thing in the entire world I want is to live here with a newborn. I’ve done that and it suuuuuuucked and I didn’t want to do it again. When I first found out I was pregnant back in March (or whenever I found out) I remember telling Allan just get me the heck out of here before the baby’s born! That’s allllll I want in the entire world!

And because I knew no one would understand my sadness at living in AZ with a newborn for the first couple months I just didn’t say anything about it. Because I REALLY don’t need to hear, “Just be thankful that he is getting a job and you will be moving.” from anyone! YOU be thankful for what you have while I go ahead and sit on my hatred and resentment of Arizona. Sorry, but nothing in this universe will ever make me okay with living here, for any amount of time, again. lol!

I’m grateful for things. I really am. Financially we’re a million times better than two years ago and it looks like we’ll be moving, and even if it is in January, I am SUPER thankful for that. But right this very second, hugely (it’s so gross) pregnant and so near to having a newborn… while in a house I hate, in a city I hate, in a state I hate… it’s hard to be thankful! It just is hard.

Yesterday Allan read me an email he got from the… I can’t remember his position but he’s really high up in the company, and he said that he heard the CEO was okay with waiting and letting Allan start in January and that HE (the higher up guy) was NOT okay with waiting! lol! I begged Allan to show some pieces of the email (but he said no way!) because this guy, the high up guy, was so complimentary to Allan and told him how they (the company) need him and do not want  photo 040eresized_zpscb32d75f.jpg photo 049e2resized_zpsf6a4bdb6.jpg photo 054eresized_zpsfdf320a3.jpg photo 071eresized_zps6489d35d.jpg photo 116eresized_zps52492418.jpg photo 123eresized_zps2b89e914.jpg photo 125eresized_zps0acae690.jpg photo 147eresized_zpsf37b0c4c.jpg photo 149eresized_zpscc28e722.jpg photo 157eresized_zpsb4562a89.jpg photo 163cloneeresized_zps728e0311.jpg

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