Sometimes I feel like I fail at everything. I’m not good at concentrating on the good things I do or accomplish. I should maybe do that more.
One area we excel at as a family is learning and having fun at home. My kids drive me nuts and I’m stressed out of my mind almost 100% of the time but I make spending time doing fun, educational things together a priority.  photo 006eresized_zps4f712f07.jpg

Ember has been super, super, super demanding lately. She is more difficult at three than at two times a million. She wants me to entertain her every second of the day and she whines and gets defiant and she’s more picky than ever with food and potty training is rough and… basically, she’s three. haha! And I’m super pregnant and want to lay down all day long. Which never ever happens, unfortunately.  photo 015eresized_zps1eca9727.jpg

I printed out a bunch of preschool stuff the day before and after coloring a Halloween picture we spent some time working on letter sounds. After that I brought out the playdough.
 photo 045eresized_zpse3885d7e.jpg

I didn’t photograph anything else until Payson got home from school and tried out his new twist n’ write pencil that arrived. Yay!  photo 062eresized_zps39ce70fd.jpg

They work soooo much better than the other product I blogged about!! I love these things.  photo 067eresized_zps782515ca.jpg

I printed out a bunch of story paper pictures for the kids to fill out. There’s this cool UK site that has a bunch of picture prompts with some lines below for kids to write short stories about.  photo 079eresized_zps97b03760.jpg photo 081eresized_zps0ac707df.jpg

Brooklyn asked for more lined paper to continue her story so I printed out a dozen sheets of lined paper to staple behind her front page when she’s done. She wrote her story for quite a while!
 photo 087eresized_zps9c01a186.jpg

You can see below Payson’s natural pencil grip:  photo 088eresized_zps8b711a67.jpg

Here’s a link to the story paper site. (Here’s a link to that same site but some story starters that look awesome, too!)  photo blog2_zps9dd84264.jpg

In photoshop I made a reference sheet with all the fall themed stories so that when the kids feel like having a prompt they can see all their options.
 photo blog_zps3cbaeda7.jpg

Last night Allan was sorting through our mail. Ember sat down to help.  photo 008eresized_zpsb83ba221.jpg photo 009eresized_zpsf2865183.jpg

I snuck away for a hot bath. The only thing I love about life right now is taking a hot bath. I wish I could just live in a hot bath.  photo 014resized_zpsaec59768.jpg

I’ll end this with a picture from this morning. Mornings are the worst. UUUUUUGH. I could go on and on about mornings but I already blog vented about it once recently and that’s plenty.  photo 034bwresized_zps16319516.jpg
PS: I found some other cool sites with story starters that look really fun! They’re all linked in my learning at home board on pinterest.

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