I was feeling pretty bummed out yesterday morning. I decided to put some bright lipstick on before heading to the store. Bright lipstick makes me feel like maybe I will come across as bright rather than how I really feel, which is dull and lifeless. haha
Ember was watching me and said she wanted lipstick, too. When I dabbed some pink lipgloss on her lips she got pretty darn excited. I picked her up and she said, “We’re the same!!” I was wearing sunglasses and told her, “Hey, want some sunglasses, too??”
She was smiling from ear to ear when I put her glasses on and we were looking at each other. I asked her if we should take a picture because we were twins today. She giggled.
 photo 073eresized_zpscd6673da.jpg

We got in the car to head to the store. Ember was quiet for a few seconds and then said, “Mommy, I love you!!”  photo 081eresized_zps805c0ac2.jpg

It’s truly the littlest things that fill life with total joy.  photo 089eresized_zps2ff25249.jpg

Ember was playing peek-a-boo with me earlier in the day. She always says, “Where is Ember? Where is Ember?” Two times, always. I should record it because her little voice is so adorable.  photo 007eresized_zps1c695dd1.jpg photo 028eresized_zps8e2470e3.jpg

She had her bunny join on for a round of “If You’re Happy and You Know It!”  photo 040eresized_zps1a71c87c.jpg photo 048eresized_zps00ad7f55.jpg

I ordered a few different pencil grasp “tools” from Amazon to help Payson with his pencil grip. He holds his pencils (and markers and crayons) in his fist rather than between his pointer finger and thumb. I remind him constantly to hold his pencil the right way and he will switch and do it but the second I’m not around or looking he switches back to holding it in his fist.  photo 126bwresized_zps2e67c082.jpg

Payson’s doing really well with reading and writing. He now writes out words by sounding them out. I LOVE this phase. Especially when you find them off on their own quietly writing something. It’s incredible.  photo 136bwresized_zpsbb67b0b5.jpg

This below is how he would hold his pencil without the grip I purchased:  photo 158bwresized_zps3ea5cb74.jpg

This is the only one of three (or four?) different types of products I purchased that has arrived. It also happens to be my least favorite. I bought these twist writers (I think they’re called) that I REALLY wish would get here because they look like they’ll be the most effective. Cheap shipping takes a while, though. ha  photo 160eresized_zps36362ba3.jpg

He wrote, “This card is cool and groovy. It is so groovy it’s going to explode!” haha  photo 166eresized_zpsac407d13.jpg

I printed out some sight word games and some math games with Halloween themes. He and Ember had fun with those.  photo 174bwresized_zps49d09f4e.jpg

It was SO CUTE how Payson would help Ember out. He knows a bunch of the sight words and any time I said one he knew he’d show her where it was on the game board. They were being so sweet to each other.  photo 179bwresized_zps23a827ea.jpg photo 183bwresized_zps98a2010a.jpg

After the kindergarten games I called the older girls in for a couple silly Halloween games I printed out, knowing they’d have fun with them.
 photo 193eresized_zps3fe8215e.jpg

They liked them all. Here we were playing “Don’t Eat Frank!”
 photo 197eresized_zpse83f3452.jpg photo 198eresized_zpsed9ca40e.jpg

Here they were coloring in a 100s chart based on what numbers/colors I told them.  photo 202eresized_zps93d9acd0.jpg

I don’t have images saved onto my computer for all the games we played but here are some we used: (these all have clickable links to the printables!)
Printable skeleton maze.
 photo blog3_zpsf3e0e5ca.jpg

I found this Halloween sight words game board on pinterest or google (can’t remember) and in photoshop erased the words and added Payson’s specific sight words that his class is working on this week. Every time his teacher sends home a new list of words I can go into photoshop and change the words again! As the months go on I’ll probably do more searches online for different themes.  photo blog2_zps82fa999a.jpg

Don’t Eat Frank!
 photo blog4_zpsc4866dbd.jpg

I printed a regular old 100s chart that I found on google. I couldn’t link to it or pin it because I lost the original site. But there are a bajillion of these if you google image or pinterest search.  photo blog_zpse32dc120.jpg
I use the 100s chart with this printable hidden picture chart for the kids 🙂

All the Halloween stuff I do that I get from online I try to link on my pinterest board. Pretty much any printable I ever talk about is on my pinterest. These Halloween things can all be found right here on my Halloween board with original links!

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