Hello Saturday

Asking for pennies for a water fountain.  photo 039eresized_zpsfeb3a21b.jpg

Payson was trying to take money out of the fountain. I told Brooklyn about the woman who got arrested for taking $2.87 from a fountain. She said, “What? That’s so sad. They shouldn’t have arrested her.” (I agree)  photo 064eresized_zps9243d682.jpg photo 074eresized_zps394c432f.jpg photo 075eresized_zps6a2785a1.jpg

For a good thirty minutes my two little kids were the only ones playing with the train table. They loved not having to share since there are usually tons of kids there!  photo 081eresized_zps31830df0.jpg photo 085eresized_zps2cb939d0.jpg photo 100eresized_zps067f2695.jpg

Payson wanted to sit up there. He said he was the teacher. I asked him his name and he answered with his teacher’s name. I laughed and said, you’re not a girl! He laughed and said, “Oh yeah. I’m Mr. Payson (ourlastname)!”
I asked Ember her name and she said, “Teacher (ourlastname).” It was adorable.  photo 117eresized_zpsf8c2f69d.jpg

I was looking at the educational games while they stood near me fighting with these figures.  photo 130eresized_zpsb05c9140.jpg

It was 85 degrees out and the kids were pretty thirsty from playing outside earlier so of course we stopped at the drinking fountain before the 40 minute drive home.  photo 143eresized_zpsbac8f09e.jpg

My giant belly.
 photo 161eresized_zpsa1e83b01.jpg

In N’ Out. For the baby, of course.
 photo 223eresized_zps264091de.jpg

We bought a pumpkin to carve. We are planning on buying more later this month but for now I thought it’d be fun to carve just one.  photo 232eresized_zpsd3ad767d.jpg photo 240eresized_zps647bf334.jpg photo 255eresized_zps41aaad83.jpg photo 264eresized_zps3d708eaa.jpg

Ember refused to touch the pumpkin. She did want me to hold her up so she could watch the other kids scraping it out. And then she spent the rest of the time snacking on some chocolate rice chex.  photo 277ereized_zps6a78bffa.jpg photo 288e2resized_zps70db0275.jpg

Brooklyn kept telling me how delicious she thought pumpkin seeds were. I told her not to eat them raw because they’d be hard to digest uncooked but she couldn’t care less about what I say so she kept munching away at them talking about what a tomboy she is because girls just don’t like raw pumpkin seeds. (She’s obsessed with being a tomboy, anything she does she says is a tomboy thing to do. ha)  photo 293eresized_zps0a6d6f65.jpg photo 309eresized_zps7b4cf945.jpg

Brooklyn dropped a jar of pickles and made Sierra clean it up.  photo 343bwresized_zps7c6220e9.jpg

Sierra’s tooth is almost ready to come out!  photo 352bwresized_zps9544ea01.jpg

One thought on “Hello Saturday

  • I still think it is so funny how much Mia and Brooklyn are alike!!! (Especially that tomboy thing, and the fact that they both wear fake glasses on a regular basis! ha!!) I so wish that we would have been able to meet and hang out more when you lived here! Stupid hurricane ruined our plans. 😉 Anyway, carving pumpkins is something my kids LOVE to do, but I'm totally grossed out by it! lol. I always make Rusty do it! ha! You are such a good Moma, always doing fun stuff for your kids!

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