So Pregnant, So Much Fun, Halloween is Coming

Man, I am so pregnant. I still don’t feel ready to have a baby. I mean, I WANT my baby and to hold him and kiss him and love on him, but I’m not ready for him to be here yet. I have too much to do. Nothing that involves preparing for baby, either, since I’ve been ready for him for months now. haha!
I just want to know, you know, if we’ll be living here or moving in the next couple weeks!! (We should find out today)
But then again, I’m sick to death of being pregnant so if I had him I’d be pretty happy about having my body to myself again!  photo 028eresized_zpsaf3c831f.jpg

The kids love decorating for Halloween. We have raided the dollar section of Target and the dollar store for super cheap Halloween decorations.
 photo 004eresized_zpsde71080c.jpg

The kids mess with all the Halloween stuff all the time so it never looks how it did originally. But I don’t care. They love it and it was for them so… it’s all good.  photo 008eresized_zps28791a7c.jpg

I printed a small album with all of their past costumes and they love looking through that. I didn’t photograph that because it’s kinda boring but here’s our calendar area.  photo 011eresized_zpsa67e21d8.jpg

Potty training is going okay. Ember’s peed in her potty and had a few accidents. I’m using the potty training approach of: put kid in undies, tell her where to pee, let time work out all the kinks. AKA: lazy. But it works pretty well. haha!  photo 072eresized_zps4277ac51.jpg

The girls did a small experiment with coke and nerds candy. Payson was in quiet time for being naughty in the store earlier that day.  photo 098eresized_zps70881703.jpg photo 100eresized_zpsf36a9741.jpg photo 101eresized_zps3ad00865.jpg photo 109eresized_zps8f0dd599.jpg photo 115eresized_zps3e3f0b1e.jpg photo 118eresized_zps2fd24075.jpg photo 127eresized_zps7342d034.jpg

I found some charts for them to fill out. We have tons of these printed out and when they finish them we put them in their scrapbooks with the pictures from the experiment. I love scrapbooking πŸ™‚
 photo Scan0014resized_zps83a06998.jpg photo Scan0013resized_zpsd4d071e4.jpg

I ended up being late to my doctor appointment because I chose to drop the kids off at school instead of bringing them with me. I didn’t think my mental health could take the hit of being at the doctor’s with four children! I loathe being late πŸ™  photo 013eresized_zps9a8d4a30.jpg

Ember was being so sweet and cute during the wait, it really cheered me up!  photo 017eresized_zpsa4bda53c.jpg

I did not have fun attempting to use the timer to take some belly shots. But I hate asking Allan to (and he’s been getting home waaaaaaaaaaay past dark this week) so, there’s no other option if I want to document this GIANT belly.  photo 030eresized_zpsf1b0b369.jpg

I looked super washed out so I went and put on lipstick to add some color to my face. haha! I should wear lipstick all the time. It perks up a tired face!  photo 041eresized_zps9b360651.jpg

We had parent teacher conferences. I wasn’t expecting such glowing reviews of my children from their teachers. That was a happy day! (And I was pretty proud because each teacher told me I pretty much nailed teaching them at home because they’re all exceeding expectations. Woot woot)  photo 077eresized_zpsf9c1f603.jpg

In the picture above they’re holding up their book fair purchases. I try not to but can’t help myself supporting their school. I HATE what our school chooses to spend money on (I could scream when I hear they bought more ipads or computers) but yet, I participate in all the financial support we can. I just really wish they’d buy more quality books and supplies and no ipods or ipads.  photo 085eresized_zpsecab66bb.jpg

I let Brooklyn be the picture taker. Payson was bummed because he loveslovesloves pushing the shutter button when we do these types of pictures. I told him he could take a few extra at the end. So anyway, that’s why I seem focused on him… I was trying to cheer him up. haha
 photo 086eresized_zps67316ee0.jpg photo 087eresized_zps9211a44e.jpg

Brooklyn took a dozen pictures and then at the end I let Payson run over to push the button. He was happy after that! (and Brooklyn was happy since she’d been the designated photographer, win-win!)  photo 088eresized_zpsfa4e5795.jpg

We did a Frankestein art project. I told them to do dot style paintings with q-tips. Sierra and Payson did but Brooklyn refused and kept saying it was really stupid. She ended up painting her picture fully in with the q-tip. When Payson was done with his dot version he ended up copying Brooklyn and painting the entire thing in. So anyway, I really liked the way all four of the kids’ pictures turned out. Payson’s looked the most monster-ish:
 photo 030resized_zpsbcaed6e5.jpg

And Sierra’s was done exactly like I’d said to and turned out cute. (oh and the other two pictures are a couple of Brooklyn’s Halloween art projects from the last couple of weeks that I like. I don’t know what it is about that ghost, it’s so simple but I just love it.  photo 031eresized_zps47548dac.jpg

In my next house I want a designated wall for the kids’ art projects. Here in this house we have art projects on like five different walls right now. haha  photo 026eresized_zpsfa13b9e5.jpg

The kids played with some slimy stuff we’d made.  photo 095bwresized_zps50f117f1.jpg

Ember refused to touch it. She kept saying it was yucky and would get her dirty πŸ™‚  photo 100bwresized_zpsbb6b32f7.jpg

This week there’s regularly a naked baby running through the house. She’d just peed in her potty. lol  photo 112bwresized_zpsf6517e2c.jpg photo 127bwresized_zps1277db30.jpg

I bought a pack of vampire teeth because Brooklyn LOVES vampire teeth and the kids wore them a lot that day. Ember tried and tried to get them in her mouth but they were way too big.  photo 015bwresized_zps7b71d264.jpg photo 021bwresized_zps53355ffc.jpg
And as for Everett, he’s getting huge, everything seems healthy and perfect from what one can tell during pregnancy, and I feel like he’s with us all day long because I can feel his limbs and his body movements ALL day. Even just standing cooking dinner or whatever, I feel arms and legs moving all over the place. I think a lot about how fun it’ll be when he’s in the wrap on my chest during these things instead of inside of my body. Oh and all the kids have felt him moving around and kicking and they talk about him a lot. I guess to sum it all up he’s already such a part of the family even though none of us have met him. It’s a fun, weird thing to be pregnant! I can’t wait to meet my baby! I hope this next month flies by!

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