I am SO MAD!!!

My stupid kids missed the bus today and I’m totally screwed! I have to tell them each and every step of their morning each and every day otherwise they literally just stand there. They will sit, staring at their bowls/plates, at the breakfast table, not taking a bite. FOR LITERALLY OVER HALF AN HOUR!! I don’t feed them the second they wake up, either, for that reason. I wake them up early and have them get dressed and do their hair first to wake up enough to eat.

Then IF they finish breakfast without my standing there telling them to eat a freaking bite already they’ll leave the table when I tell them to go put shoes on and STAND by the shoe closet for the rest of the morning. LITERALLY JUST STAND THERE. This is the ONLY time on earth when my kids aren’t running around, screaming, acting like lunatics. But you can bet they’ll do that on mornings they don’t have school!

I have a doctor appointment at 8:30 today. My kids’ school won’t allow them to enter the gates until 8:20!! My doctor’s office is thirty minutes from their school.

What the heck?! I’m screwed.

Payson LOST his shoe AGAIN and that’s why we were late. How can you freaking lose your SHOE in your house. You walk in, take them off at the closet, and go about your day.
I found his shoe ten minutes later on my desk! ON MY DESK!!! WHY?!??!

Oh and he COULD’VE worn different shoes, sure. But he threw an epic fit about it all. GAH.

And though I’m basically yelling in this post I was calm all morning until we were still in the house when the bus came, not even close to being out the door because he was still barefoot! Then I start yelling to find the freaking shoe. I’m not a yeller but I was so pissed today I totally did. And I still feel like yelling at him so I came to post instead. Because now I have four kids in the car, 5 minutes after the bus left, and am trying to figure out what the heck to do with them. I can’t miss my doctor’s appointment, I can’t bring them to school yet and I do not want to bring them to my doctor because they’re horrible human beings when at my doctor. Plus I’m PRETTY sure vaginal exams start this week and HELLOOOOOOOOOO. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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  • Hope everything turned out okay. Are they distracted by TV or something? or are they just really tired? because thats odd for kids to just do nothing. Maybe try putting them to bed earlier, but be persistent and consistent and they will figure it out. Make sure your firm in the morning too. Let them know if they didnt waste time eating and putting shoes on they mihgt have time to play or read or watch TV before the bus comes.

  • Morning TV? Oh heck no! They wouldn't move at all. lol
    It's mostly Payson. I think he's just tired because he'll wake up at like 5am and play and his body needs more sleep than that. We even tried taking his light bulb out but he'll bring toys to his window and play on his windowsill in the mornings. It's annoying. It's been like this for months and it's driving us crazy! We've tried dozens of things to get him to sleep in. What time he goes to bed doesn't affect it at all :/
    And then Brooklyn stands around once she's *ready* to go and refuses to get in the car until I've told her like twenty times. And EVERY morning she says the same thing when I finally say, in exasperation, “I SAID GET IN THE CAR!!”
    “Well, mom, I was *just* writing a note.” Or, “Mom, I was *just* getting my eraser.” Or, “Mom, I *was* getting in the car.”
    Oh really, it takes fifteen minutes to walk out the door and climb in the car?! I'm PRETTY sure you're in the *exact* same spot as you were the very first time I told you to get in the car!

  • Do all the kids have to go to the bus together? I was just wondering how your son held up the others? Have you tried sending them to school without breakfast? Then when they feel hungry at school they will understand how important breakfast is.

  • My daughter is like this in the mornings. I pretty much act like a drill sergeant each day. My son on the other hand bounces out of bed and is super easy as he's a morning person. Somehow I've got a routine down though. My kids have to wear a school uniform so I lay them out each morning while they are eating breakfast. I give them 10 minutes to eat and whatever they haven't finished, I remove and it's their problem if they are hungry later on. I eat as well and then when they are done I tell them I am going up to get dressed and that I expect them to be dressed when I come back down 5-10 minutes later. Usually both are ready aside from shoes and hair. From the point I wake DD up to walking out the door is 30 minutes. We take a public bus to school each day and we are at school 10 minutes early each day. If the kids aren't ready when I am ready to go, I walk out the door and they realise they have no way to get to school without me taking them. It only took leaving each one once (I wait outside just out of sight and then return 5 minutes later) for them to get their act together.

    If my DD said to me “I'm *just* whatever” I'd tell her to do that the night before or to get dressed or eat faster so she has time to do *just* whatever she's apparently doing. The whole talking back at me thing just doesn't fly in this house. Oh and they get an iPad to watch during the 10 minute breakfast but if they dawdle too much and it affects getting ready in time, the iPad privileges are removed for a few days 😉 Likewise if they are good and do things in a timely fashion they get pretty much anything they want when they ask.

    Brooklyn and Sierra are more than old enough to take responsibility for themselves and shouldn't need to be asked 20 times to do anything. My kids get 3 chances at which point I stop asking/telling and start counting to 5. By the time I reach 2 they are both scrambling to get whatever I asked done. They have no clue what happens at 5 and neither do I as we've not reached that ever, lol. I'm sure I'm way too strict with mine but I can't deal with things any other way. It does make my life much easier though as they know what's expected of them and me being happy makes their life easier as well.

    Having said all that, I only have 2 kids which is half of what you have. And you are far more patient and nurturing with your kids than I am with mine!

  • Brooklyn is just very disrespectful in general and always had been. She can't stand to be told what to do in any way and wants to argue every thing under the sun with me. There are hundreds of things she's “just” doing in the morning instead of getting in the car like I told her to (after eating and getting dressed) and really it's that she's “just” purposefully doing exactly the opposite of what I said to do.
    Certain consequences work to help that issue but I have to remind her of the consequence every freaking morning. It's annoying to have to be getting on the 10 year old while needing to attempt to stop the 3 year old from screaming and crying and getting the 5 year old to just GET READY already. I have to walk him through his entire morning or he just doesn't do it.
    Sierra is good about getting ready and getting in the car on time. (Thankfully because the last two years she was the one with the issue!)
    Payson is in this weird phase where there are no consequences that affect him in any way. He just couldn't care less about losing any toys/privileges/treats, doesn't care about timeouts, doesn't care about rewards either. I could offer him a favorite toy or snack or game or outing if he fills in a sticker chart of good behavior in the week (or we've tried timelines with clips that move up and down and a few other things!) and it wouldn't make a bit of difference. Sierra went through this phase at 5 years old (ironically, year five for Brooklyn was the best for her) where *nothing* made an impact. There was NO reward or punishment that mattered to her! I'm just waiting it out with Payson. I mean, I still DO all the things I would do if he responded to them, but I just know nothing is going to work until his brain grows more! haha
    When Sierra was going through it it was more devastating and I spent SO much time and effort trying to figure out how to get through to her but then the next year it's like her brain finally developed a part that wasn't developed before and she started responding well to consequences and rewards! I'm hoping next year with Payson will be the same. For now, I'll likely still have to walk him through every second of his every morning. lol (We do have something on the wall called morning high 5s… I have never blogged about it because it doesn't help but it lists the morning activities. Payson's has pictures instead of words and he KNOWS what he should be doing, he just dawdles relentlessly)

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