It Starts to Break Down

Next month I will have a baby. I am very glad because this month, bursting with pregnancy… is not my favorite.

Fall Break is not helping things. My kids home all day every day when the weather is still super hot. I’ve hated every single second of this week.

Today it is cooler (not cool) and rainy so that’s awwwwesome. But my kids have asked to go outside a few dozen times and I’ve said, “When you clean up my family room and kitchen.” And I’m standing firm. Destructive little brats completely destroyed my house in one day. There were several times where they literally threw a box full of crap (toys and papers) from their bedrooms or the play room onto the family room floor. What kind of person does that?! Sierra this morning, after cleaning for ten minutes, threw her two handfuls of crayons on the floor when she got mad at Payson. I told her, “Not a smart idea because you have to pick them all up now.”

Kids. They’re not the funnest.  photo 224e2resized_zpsa0e745aa.jpg photo 205eresized_zps864c6ace.jpg photo 120eresized_zpsa214dcfb.jpg

Everett is going to be my last child. I love babies. I do not love raising a bunch of kids. And I hate being pregnant.  photo 078eresized_zpsd3488878.jpg

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