Potty Training Ember

Ember takes after her big sister Sierra and is perfectly fine being in diapers for the rest of her life. At least it seems that way. She finds sitting on the potty and wearing panties a super happy fun time but when it comes to using the potty for peeing and not peeing in those panties… well, that just doesn’t happen. She pees her pants/undies 100% of the time. She even occasionally takes off her undies (in another room) and pees straight on the floor. lol

I’m hoping that with us just plunging in and doing the panties thing all day eventually it’ll click. And I hope eventually = not more than a week!

We started day 1 off with a bath. That way she was super clean while hanging out in the nude.  photo 025eresized_zps74bcc2fe.jpg

Doing a thumbs up. But with her pointer finger, of course.  photo 031eresized_zps2d7375ab.jpg

Cheese is her favorite food in the world. She would eat cheese all day if I let her. I limit her on it though since she tends to be constipated!
 photo 066eresized_zps4f71c12c.jpg

When she fell asleep on my lap I was super nervous about her peeing in her sleep on me! But she didn’t. Yay  photo 075eresized_zpsb9a9db24.jpg

4 thoughts on “Potty Training Ember

  • My DD was 3 when we she potty trained herself. She had started nursery a month or two prior and she just told us one morning she was done with her pull ups and that was it. Seeing her friends in panties and peeing in the toilet made her want to not be the kid in diapers. I could never be bothered with the actual potty training like some of my friends did. Far too much work to wonder if they needed the toilet, changing them after accidents, etc. Only downside was having 2 in diapers at the same time of course which I guess is what's coming up for you soon if Ember doesn't potty trainf…

  • After a horrible experience potty training Sierra when she was 3 I vowed to always wait until the child *wanted* to potty train. She's been taking off her clothes a lot and constantly has her hands in her pants (just scratching around, haha) and I can tell she doesn't like the feeling of diapers. I hope that with the approach of just letting her have a hundred accidents and not caring that it'll click. If not, I don't have a problem putting her back in diapers for another few months! I did that with Sierra and Payson and then 3-6 months later we started again and it clicked.

  • Kids also regress with potty training and stuff when a new baby arrives don't they? Or I think that's what “they” say (whoever they is). So I'm sure you're right just letting her do whatever as things are all change next month! I remember when the kids first stopped wearing diapers I had many moments wishing they still wore them when we couldn't find toilets or even a tree to pee on when out and about. LOL to her scratching around! At least we know that kids eventually stop peeing on themselves/the floor! Though at college some kids regressed but that was more to do with too much partying!

  • Marja, you're so right about the new baby. I'm pretty easy going about potty training. It'll happen when it happens. If she regresses it's not a big deal, either. We'll potty train again when the baby's older 🙂

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