On a General Conference Sunday

I printed out a bunch of fun activities for the kids to use to follow along with conference. Payson and Ember got completely different printables than Brooklyn and Sierra did. It worked perfectly! The older girls wanted their activity packets filled out properly and did such a good job. I was really proud of how much they were listening to and how seriously they took making their stuff cute. It was fun.
The little kids got more toddler/preschooler age stuff and that was a great idea because it actually entertained them! I also printed some Halloween things to do once they ran out of conference related activities.
After conference (and in between sessions) we had snack and played outside in the shade. It was 90 degrees, which is unpleasant, but in the shade was nice.
I didn’t get a single picture of the printed activities the kids did (too much fun doing them to take pictures) but if you can see all the things we did under my GOOD IDEAS board. <—click
Oh yeah, and we had banana bread for our late morning snack!  photo 190eresized_zps6b6b9812.jpg

The older girls ruined our baby pool by jumping on the slide and making a huge tear on the bottom. I was pretty bummed when Allan and I decided it wasn’t patchable and that the pool was destined for the trash 🙁  photo 191eresized_zpsecc073f1.jpg

Payson and Ember brought a couple toys out to play with.  photo 192eresized_zps7ed3169d.jpg

I got that pull puppy at Goodwill months ago for like two bucks and it’s a favorite lately. Ember brings it everywhere with her and pulls it all around the house.  photo 199eresized_zps0759f2f7.jpg photo 204eresized_zps92341fff.jpg

Because of Ember’s current love affair with it, Payson tries to play with it all the time. He either sneaks away with it so Ember can’t see him or he butters her up by sharing a toy of his and then asks for the puppy.  photo 205eresized_zps13693e6e.jpg

Ember was willing to part with the puppy once she heard that this alligator toy was a baby alligator. Any toys that are called babies spark Ember’s interest 🙂  photo 207eresized_zps43745d07.jpg photo 222eresized_zpsa671d210.jpg photo 232eresized_zpsa5dae4c2.jpg

Loving on their pets.  photo 234eresized_zpsd3e04da8.jpg

Payson was playing with the hose and some water leaked out. They played in the small puddle for quite a while.  photo 237eresized_zps6dc078a6.jpg

Brooklyn and Sierra did a performance. They were singing a Bruno Mars song. Brooklyn’s teacher plays the radio in her class most of the day (whole other post about how much I HATE that because he plays the current hits station and SOOOOOOOO {most} many songs are super inappopriate for a ten year old to be listening to!) and Bruno Mars is the girls’ favorite. Brooklyn and Sierra were singing that Girl You’re Amazing song. I was glad they know better than to sing the Your Sex Takes Me to Paradise song >:-( (seriously, tell me I’m not a prude for being pissed about her teacher playing the radio and exposing her to that crap! haha)  photo 260eresized_zpsc8125a0b.jpg

A small snack because lunch wasn’t going to be ready for an hour and a half.  photo 268eresized_zps20afbcef.jpg

The kids color a million trillion pictures every day. Seriously, hundreds of pieces of papers all over my house every day. But anyway, Payson drew a pretty adorable witch!  photo 278eresized_zpse70cee5c.jpg

5 thoughts on “On a General Conference Sunday

  • I would be pissed about the teacher playing the radio as well. So inappropriate and I just don't think they could concentrate as well with a radio on. Have you talked to the school about it?

  • I've been meaning to but putting it off in case we move. I don't want to be *that* parent and if I don't have to (because we may move this month) then I won't! haha.
    If we don't move then I absolutely have to… it makes me crazy mad to hear my daughter singing songs about sex when she comes home from school!! Lots of things about this school year irritate me and I've been putting off dealing with it because I thought we were moving earlier this month… I figured there's no reason to mess with things if we're outta there. We find out next week for sure if we're moving. Actually, we have a house hunting trip planned for the same time so… we'll see!

  • I would definitely speak up whether you're moving or not because none of those 10 year olds should be listening to that crap. Completely inappropriate and not good for their concentration. Ugh. It's unreal that this teacher thinks its okay.

  • Not prude at all. I'd be pissed too. Is there a “room mom” for her grade? Not sure if they do that in AZ or not, but if there is, I'd shoot her an email and see if other parents know that this is going on, and how they feel about it. Or go to the school's PTA if they have one. good luck!

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