October, Finally!

I’ve been waiting anxiously for October since February!! March it starts getting hot here in Arizona and I wish I could just fast forward to fall every year! Even though fall here, in the usual definition, is a joke- at least it does cool down from the 90s and 100s to the 80s. The high is only 87 today!

Even though it doesn’t look or feel like fall here, we jumped into Halloweeny things the first day of the month! I want October to last forever!
 photo 042eeresized_zps9501d124.jpg

We’ve been having Halloween themed snacks every day after school. I took pictures of the first two days and then dropped that effort. Making snacks is fun, photographing them is not fun! haha! (Ember helps me every single day with meal times)  photo 003eresized_zps2273c1d3.jpg photo 006eresized_zpsa3320ed4.jpg photo 011eresized_zpsec356c2c.jpg photo 013eeresized_zps7ec449f3.jpg photo 032eresized_zpsde90bf63.jpg

The kids do Halloween crafts every day, too!
 photo 020eresized_zpsd2da43b5.jpg photo 027eresized_zps2498d16f.jpg

Totally splurged and bought some Halloween outfits from WalMart. They’re as cheap as they come but still weren’t in the budget. I couldn’t resist, though! And they’ve already worn them 3 days out of this month!! I had to force them to put their clothes in the wash. I’m positive they’ll wear these outfits again tomorrow when they’re out of the dryer! Silly kids.  photo 056eresized_zps99fcc009.jpg

Ember is such a goof.
 photo 060eresized_zpsa63a0efb.jpg

We play a LOT of Halloween music all afternoon, early evening long. The kids listen to it as they make their crafts or they have little dance parties. The current favorite is to make up dance moves based on different Halloween characters/monsters. I have a ton of video clips of this but can’t really share them thanks to my poopy computer refusing to process them.  photo 074eresized_zps6d63e39a.jpg photo 088eresized_zps7c18d1cf.jpg photo 109eresized_zpsc4d8f7a9.jpg

Usually one photo of something would do but when you have four kids a lot of times one kid is doing something adorable in one photo and another kid is doing something adorable in the next shot and soon I end up posting four times as many pictures as I probably should!
 photo 119eresized_zpsdf37e100.jpg photo 127eresized_zps113115c7.jpg

I bought some really healthy popsicles when the kids got sick. Ember refuses to eat or drink when she’s sick so I was hoping the popsicle would give her some hydration and soothing on her sore throat.  photo 216eresized_zps6da4ac52.jpg

We walked to the mailbox to mail birthday cards to grandma and aunt Jeena. There are five birthdays within a five day span the last week of September! Sheesh.  photo 222eresized_zpsb8017c8e.jpg photo 228ecropresized_zps7cad733f.jpg

Usually the big girls put cards in the box but this day the little kids really wanted to. They needed help reaching, though!  photo 229eresized_zps77d5d375.jpg photo 231eresized_zpsb9d7a721.jpg

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  • Holy Supermom!!! Your pregnant, have a Halloween snack everyday and do Halloween crafts! Oh wait, you also have 4 kids and take amazing pictures and blog!! I don't know how you do it!

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