Party at the Infirmary

Amidst strep throat and a really wretched cold virus (double illnesses at once for the win!) my little Ember turned three years old!

We had to uninvite grandpa and grandma since some of us are still majorly contagious with one or both of those illnesses. We’re hoping they’ll come over in a week or two to do cupcakes and maybe a game or two to celebrate. As of this second we’re all still feeling pretty horrible so… planning anything is not interesting.

I would have put off Ember’s birthday completely except that we couldn’t really. Allan might be in Colorado this weekend or he might be next weekend. We have no idea (he calls them today) so we decided to just go ahead and celebrate her birthday even though we’re sick.  photo 073eresized_zpsead85706.jpg

How adorable is my daughter? Even recovering from strep and under the weather with a cold… so freaking cute.  photo 081eresized_zps51bdcd1b.jpg photo 092eresized_zpsf344dad8.jpg

The girl loves her some Dora. And purple. Any time I asked her about her birthday and what she wanted it was “purple Dora birthday!” and nothing else.  photo 101eresized_zps142e607b.jpg photo 103eresized_zpscd2f82dc.jpg

I made some little backpack goodie bags for the kids.  photo 112eresized_zps5857e2d2.jpg  photo 108eresized_zpsc9dad273.jpg photo 119eresized_zpscb7b031b.jpg photo 121eresized_zpsc4fa90a2.jpg photo 124eresized_zps524877af.jpg photo 129eresized_zps9e3e1ff3.jpg

And of course Ember opened her presents.  photo 143eresized_zpsca6b5c53.jpg photo 160eresized_zps585a719f.jpg photo 169eresized_zps5bfb82f7.jpg

Payson and Ember had a train set like this ($10 on sale at WalMart) from Christmas last year but Payson broke it. It was always a favorite of Ember’s so I got her another one.  photo 175eresized_zps4bf21cae.jpg

When it was time for cake Ember wanted to set the table. She’s been really into setting the table every night for dinner. It’s cute how she’ll ask me if dinner’s coming and if I say yes (or if she sees me cooking) she asks, “Can I set the table?” and is thrilled each time I say yes.  photo 180eresized_zps93e1f57c.jpg  photo 178eresized_zps4aebe554.jpg photo 182eresized_zps5d6c7fd3.jpg

I recorded us singing to her and her blowing out her candles. Success there. But I failed to get a picture of her cake with the decorations on it. I remembered a minute after the cake had been “taken apart” and snapped this one:  photo 194eresized_zpsb1bd4445.jpg photo 197eresized_zpsb3853020.jpg

I told her to do a thumbs up if she liked her cake. She is trying really hard this week to master using her thumb for it instead of using her pointer finger. I’m a little sad that that little quirk of hers will be gone now.  photo 204eresized_zps8a9defcb.jpg

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