BYU’s Saturday Football Game Against Utah!

If you know anything about BYU football you’ll know that BYU fans and Utah fans are not BFFs. Or anything close to it. Rivals… big time rivals.

Saturday night was the game we dread all year waiting for football season. The Holy War it’s been named by media. What media? I dunno. But that’s what they call it and it really does feel like going into battle for the fans involved!

So all day long Allan and I were nervous to watch the game. But I decided to ease that and cure my impatience problem I’d make another fun game day for the kids. They really love the mini football type parties we are having this year 🙂  photo 020eresized_zps68dc03c5.jpg

We had to go to WalMart for some food items. I swear it feels like I’m always completely out of food. I’d stock up but then I tend to lose things in my pantry, fridge, and freezer and they go bad. Buying for three days at a time is the only way I handle food usage well!  photo 025eresized_zpsfadd83d5.jpg

Ember was pretending to be super cold in the freezer aisles again.  photo 028eresized_zps9bf2f5de.jpg

Oh yeah, so, the night before that I’d been kept up by Ember most of the night (who knows why) and was e x h a u s t e d. I told the big kids to play nicely for another hour or so while I slept in a bit more with Ember, who was finally sleeping peacefully once the other three were up at like 6am! haha
I was shocked when I got up almost two hours later and the family room was clean! They had decided to clean it up while I slept! This is the first time this has ever happened and I was left speechless. They usually get into food and make HUGE messes all over the house if I don’t get right up with them!  photo 035eresized_zps05116c55.jpg

We got home from WalMart right at lunchtime and set up the table right away.  photo 038eresized_zps29136c38.jpg photo 043eresized_zps835fc551.jpg photo 047eresized_zps0377c250.jpg

My kids were in heaven getting hotdogs again when they’d just had them two weeks before. I try not to give them hotdogs often but they LOVE hotdogs. And rootbeer! And chips! And french fries! It’s like a food holiday!  photo 051eresized_zps26134888.jpg photo 060esbresized_zpscb55aeb8.jpg

I made philly cheese steak sandwiches for me and Allan. I can’t have hotdogs and really, philly cheese steaks? The best!  photo 068eresized_zps128c04d5.jpg

Since the game started later in the evening we only let the kids watch the first quarter before sending them to bed. The game was pretty intense anyway so it was nice watching it without them around 😉  photo 082bwresized_zps91928d25.jpg

Oh my gosh Payson and Ember were being SOOOOO adorable playing football games with their toys!!! It was difficult to send the kids to bed when they were being SO freaking cute!! Brooklyn and Sierra, too. They were watching the game and asking about plays… one of those moments where you almost let them stay up but then realize the next day will be a million times happier if you don’t! haha  photo 084bwresized_zps41130b5d.jpg photo 086bwresized_zps1ec9fca7.jpg photo 091eresized_zpsa0974c83.jpg
BYU lost 13-20. Total bummer. And the next day I heard about some fans who were throwing garbage at the refs as they exited the field and that made me even more upset than losing. Fans who show disrespect suck and I’m still annoyed that students would do that. Stupid kids.

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