Before There Will Be Five, There Are Four

I bought some cheap white shirts for the kids the other day. I thought it’d be fun to take a picture of them together before Everett’s born and then again in November when he’s there with them.  photo 248ecropresized_zpsef6c373b.jpg

Payson would absolutely not do what I said while taking these pictures. I took about one hundred shots (!!) and got that one shot above that’s okay. Payson kept doing weird things or covering his face or leaning way far forward and then laughing hysterically because he knew he was doing the opposite of what I wanted. The phase where kids don’t just disobey but disobey and then laugh like maniacs about it is my very, very, very least favorite phase!! Someone tell me six year old boys are a million times easier than five year old boys. For sanity’s sake! lol  photo 265bwresized_zpsbb4a84b6.jpg

Every time Payson did something different than what I told him to and then laughed, Ember would look at him and laugh and then copy him! She ends up acting up the whole time just because he is and she looooves copying her siblings. I’m so bummed she wouldn’t close her eyes for this picture because the other kids did it! I still like it, though. They are so sweet when they’re sleeping.  photo 311bwresized_zps07a959a7.jpg
Which reminds me of when I was little and I’d tell my mom I loved her and she’d respond, “I love you, too… when you’re sleeping.”
I’d laugh and think my mom was funny but then I grew up and had a bunch of kids and realized she was probably quite serious when she said that. haha

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