Ain’t No Party Like a Strep Throat Party

Tired of being healthy? Come on over to our house! We’re loads of fun this week.
Party includes:
-Not sleeping
-Water and chicken noodle soup consumption
-Whining (major contest over who is the most cranky going on this week! Verdict is still out over who wins!)
-Medicine taking

Bonus, kids will cough directly into your mouth as often as they possibly can. Chewing (and slobbering on) your pens and pencils and anything else on your counters included as well!! My kids must believe that sharing is caring because they are sharing their germs as if their life purpose is to spread strep throughout the world! Or at least throughout our family.  photo 053eresized_zps4a5077f2.jpg

Sierra was the one who started it all. She usually is. She is my most sickly child and catches EVERYthing under the sun.  photo 061eresized_zpsefb96136.jpg

Doctor office visits are the best, amiright??  photo 065eresized_zps481320b7.jpg

The most effective way to handle appointments is to crawl on the floor and all over the exam table and then put your hands up to your mouth as much as possible.  photo 071eresized_zpse329a67b.jpg

Cars suck. In case your mom forgot that fact, remind her the entire 40 minute drive home by whining and crying the entire time. If you stop for even one second she might not take you seriously!  photo 079eresized_zpsa79f6cdf.jpg

And the medicine distribution starts!  photo 085eblurresized_zpsb962e6a7.jpg

Payson had a sore throat that day but I’d sent him to school since his throat looked fine. After a positive test result from Sierra I stopped by his school to pick him up. Just in case he *did* have strep growing in him… didn’t want to expose the rest of his school more than necessary! So, I made three lunches instead of the usual one.  photo 088eresized_zpseecd5bba.jpg

It pisses Ember off when I decide to make lunch instead of breastfeed her.  photo 094eresized_zps99bd7026.jpg

To attempt to keep the kids separated during movie time I pulled out the camping chairs. On the couch they tend to lay all over each other and cough in each other’s faces.  photo 101eresized_zpsf6999f67.jpg photo 107eresized_zps3693e9c4.jpg

That night Ember developed a fever. 103. The next day she felt a little better but by the evening the fever was back up to 102. To urgent care we went.  photo 127eresized_zps0f614193.jpg

Payson’s throat was looking gnarly by then so I had him checked out as well.  photo 131eresized_zps8d2711cd.jpg photo 134eresized_zps6cad622e.jpg

The little kids were not listening to a word I said and the wait was long. And I went over to look at Payson’s throat (just double checking to make sure it was as bad as I remembered) and he coughed right in my face.  photo 143eresized_zpsfcf13301.jpg

And then while climbing on and off the table and attempting to stand up and jump on the table (and being sternly told to sit his butt down) he farted. And it stunk up the whole room and I was really annoyed.  photo 144eresized_zps2788c070.jpg photo 152eresized_zps104e5c87.jpg

The day we went to urgent care was the one day out of pretty much the whole year I’d decided to wash Ember’s carseat cover. It’d been covered in ice cream. So, we go out to the car to head to urgent care and I realize her carseat cover is still wet from the wash.
No problem, I put her in Payson’s carseat in the back. And then when I go look for our extra booster chair (for Payson to use) I remember Allan just put it in the trunk of his car to take to Goodwill since we never use it!
So our extra carseat and booster chair are in Allan’s car for when I use his car, and our second extra booster chair is in Allan’s trunk!! And Allan is an hour away at work, of course!
By this time Ember was buckled into Payson’s carseat and the straps readjusted to fit her so I just put Payson in her carseat without a cover! It worked in a pinch but geez!  photo 158eresized_zpsf63008d2.jpg

It took over an hour for the prescription to be ready. They’d said it would take twenty minutes. So we waited and waited.  photo 170eresized_zps5b703abc.jpg

6 bottles of amoxicillin in my fridge now.  photo 179resized_zps44340a50.jpg photo 181eblurresized_zps4c0ebe77.jpg

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