Waiting on the Next Phase

I wish that the company Allan interviewed with would contact him this week. I know it’s likely that they won’t get back to him until next week but gosh, as each day goes by I’m more and more antsy to hear from them.

It’s kinda weird that we’re so seriously considering accepting that job offer after initially being so against it! I was reacting emotionally when I first heard that one of the jobs was in the Denver area and immediately wouldn’t even consider it. I had to scold myself the next week and reevaluate my decision in a logical way. It’s difficult being logical rather than emotional when pregnancy hormones are involved!

I’ve spent hours of the last couple weeks thinking about if I should encourage Allan to accept the job if it is offered to him and I had to kick myself for my earlier feelings. There are benefits to this potential move.

Allan and I have come to the decision that the answer he’ll give is most likely yes. There are a couple BIG ifs. We’ll find out soon enough about all of it, though. And mostly… I just want to be out of the desert! This month is our 5 year anniversary of moving to Arizona. I think it was near September 18th, 2008 that we moved here. Can you believe that? It’d be fitting timing to find out we’re going to finally move away during the 5 year anniversary of when we moved here!

So I’m anxious because really good things are potentially around the corner and it helps me in my down moods. Which at this point in pregnancy are many. haha! I’m such an unpleasant person right now, I admit it. I know it and I try to not be that way but it’s not entirely avoidable! At the very least I’m the first to call myself a witch (with a B) when I’m being one. I know it even in the very moment I’m being one.  photo 002eresized_zpsab2f8975.jpg

I don’t know if I ever mentioned this but two or three weeks ago I started leaking colostrum and a few days after that I started getting braxton hicks contractions. I get them every day randomly throughout the day (rarely more than one in an hour) and I know my body and this is so just the beginning of a million more contractions before the big day.  photo 012eresized_zps9df7e64e.jpg

It’s driving me a bit crazy to not even know where I’ll be delivering this boy! Will I spend Everett’s newborn days in Arizona or Colorado? Will we be in Washington? No clue and it’s only two months away! ha. Life’s nuts!
 photo 023eresized_zps8932d164.jpg

I have no idea why the older girls weren’t in this picture:  photo 026eresized_zps82d7b186.jpgWhere were they? Playing in their room with their door locked is my only guess. They love to lock out the little kids.

So the pregnancy nesting hit this month. It’s extreme! I suddenly want to not only clean every inch of my house but organize it as well. I burn myself out every single flipping day and the very next morning my spotless house is trashed again. Maybe I should give up.  photo 039eresized_zps766f9c80.jpg

I’m still sick of driving so far to get to the store. Nothing new there… but seriously when we live like 5 minutes from a store I’m going to die of happiness.  photo 053eresized_zps57945a6c.jpg photo 057eresized_zpscfd0bcea.jpg

In the cold section of WalMart Ember pretended to be freezing. She’s so cute, it’s not even fair to the rest of the world 😉  photo 060eresized_zpsb8881f33.jpg photo 062eresized_zpsa619fe0a.jpg

We walked down the Halloween aisle. That was a blast! I almost peed my pants from laughing when Payson got scared to death over a talking skeleton candy bowl. He’d been watching the girls play with it and laughed and said, “Let me try!” and when he put his hand in the bowl and the skeleton moved he jumped and squealed! haha! He knew it was coming but it still startled him.
I was standing there laughing so hard at that unexpected reaction and the more I tried to stop laughing, because what kind of wretched mom laughs at that?!, the more I laughed!  photo 084eresized_zps297c4f5e.jpg

Payson wasn’t scared at all of anything else but Ember was!! She was terrified of everything and I spent the entire time holding her or at the very least holding her hand and telling the other kids not to scare her. She was okay with them showing her masks but any scary sounds freaked her out!  photo 094eresized_zps669b4ba1.jpg photo 103eresized_zps3b475c47.jpg

It was still really sunny when we finished shopping. Really sunny. All the time. I dream of a place where it is fall, or cloudy, 10 months out of the year. ha  photo 117eresized_zpse305a6c9.jpg

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