"I Need Some Makeup"

“Mom, what I do now?”
“Mom, what I put on now?”
“Mom, what makeup now?”

Ember is officially obsessed with makeup. It’s the obsession that won’t quit and that I don’t love. She follows me into the bathroom any time I’m getting ready and brings along a little chair to push up to my counter. She looks around for any makeup left out. I always have makeup left out. It’s just one of those things… like my pair of pants on the floor. They’re always there and no matter how clean or organized I try to be or how I try to catch up on housework, those things just are what they are and always have been and likely always will be.

So with that flaw of mine comes access to a lot of messy items on a daily basis for Ember. And she really loves that. And I try to be better about putting my makeup away. But I’m really not that much better at all. So I’m sure messes like the one I walked into last week will be happening more often. But I really hope not.  photo 157eresized_zps79765e2a.jpg photo 158eresized_zpse02e511e.jpg

In my defense, I have all of our nail polishes up way high in a cabinet but these were sent from Grandma and never had a chance at being put away. The place I keep my nail polishes in is full and I wasn’t sure where I wanted to put these new ones. Though now they’re shoved in a box on the top of my highest shelf 😉
 photo 161eresized_zps1d498357.jpg
How sad is it, Ember crying over being caught? She reacts so extremely to being noticed doing something she thinks she shouldn’t be. It’s interesting since she pretty much never gets in trouble for anything, I’m a really mellow mom with her about virtually everything. haha

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