Running Errands with Ember

Yesterday I had an obgyn checkup.
I started to blow dry and straighten my hair while Ember decided to raid my makeup basket. I didn’t want her to but I also wasn’t successful at distracting her with other toys and in the end I just let her pile on eye shadow and lip gloss. She was so sticky by the time she applied her tenth coat of lip gloss.

After she was done caking her face I wiped her down with a baby wipe. She pouted and said, “But now I not have makeup anymore.” And I said, “Of course you do, you have lots of pretty makeup! I was just wiping off the cereal on your face from breakfast!” She bought that and giggled and said, “Oh yeah!” (I love this about toddlers… so easy to avoid meltdowns, ha)  photo 021resized_zps4516d9a9.jpg photo 031eresized_zps71e6d245.jpg

After getting ready we drove on over to the doctor’s office.  photo 036eresized_zps6df7db63.jpg photo 037eresized_zps55a7ddac.jpg

My appointment only took like five minutes.  photo 040eresized_zps5ff7de2c.jpg

After my appointment we went to Costco to print some pictures.  photo 043eresized_zps182e50d2.jpg

Ember asked for pizza and I can almost never say no to Ember 😉  photo 049eresized_zps4589b867.jpg photo 056eresized_zps48ead4d9.jpg photo 060eresized_zps621f9857.jpg

After uploading pictures to print and eating pizza we went to Michael’s craft store to get some scrapbook stuff. I’m working on catching up on all the scrapbooking I’ve skipped since starting my blog in 2006. My goal is to finish before Everett’s born!

Ember fell asleep on the drive from Michael’s back to my doctor. (She’d left her bucket in the office so we went back to get it)
 photo 066eresized_zpsc5f1c380.jpg

After getting her bucket from the doctor’s office we went back to Costco to pick up pictures and buy a few things for lunches.  photo 071eresized_zpsfeff2bcf.jpg

I’m debating buying one of these animal bean bag chair things to use for Everett’s monthly comparison pictures. I would’ve bought one but I couldn’t decide if I love them or not so I didn’t. I like the texture of the fur on the giraffe but the bear is the only one with a really cute face. So I ended up leaving with neither and maybe I’ll ask Allan what he thinks of them.  photo 075eresized_zps0b4f07a6.jpg(Ember was sitting on them because I wanted to make sure they were comfy for three year olds as well as useful for growth photos.)

Ember was obsessed with all the toys in the store. She wanted to stop and look at and try out every single item! It was hard to convince her to leave her favorite toys. A doll stroller and the kitchen pictured below were her favorites.  photo 078eresized_zpsd9cddc4b.jpg

In the cold section getting fruit!  photo 096eresized_zps2b1cceb6.jpg photo 099eeresized_zpsc3e3d6f3.jpg

I bought us a frozen yogurt to share. I threw away about two thirds of it once we got to the car (I meant to tell them to fill it half full but forgot) and I was glad because Ember ate everything that was left in the cup. She probably would’ve eaten more if there had been more in the cup! Which I knew she would!  photo 105eresized_zps3983febd.jpg
And once we got home it was mad chaos for the rest of the day!

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