Or maybe more like, juggling?

With four kids… it’s all about juggling. Food preparation, errands, cleaning, mothering, and then anything else that a normal human being puts on their list-of-things-to-be-done.

It’s pure chaos most days in my life. I feel like I’ve never completed anything because my list is so long. I suppose everyone’s life is like that, a never ending to do list from day to day. I thought it would be easy once the big things this year were crossed off my list…
-Everett’s ultrasound to check out his syndactyly and then a visit to a pediatric hand surgeon
-the family reunion in Utah
-Jeena’s wedding

But though the major stress of those things is gone (and really- thank goodness!) I am still overwhelmed every day. It surprises me to have to use my every minute on something. When is the down time? Never again? When Everett goes to school in six years? haha!

Something that’s been important to me this year is lots of arts and crafts time with my kids. They don’t get hardly any in school and I think they need it. Even though I’d rather send them off to play in their rooms when they come home talking loudly and constantly about their day. I know this should be cute and maybe other moms find hearing every detail of their child’s day enjoyable… I don’t.

I can’t handle, in the slightest, three people talking to me in that way at once for a solid hour. It’s seriously SOFAST and SOLOUD, I feel like they’re yelling at me and it’s three people at once!! Gah. I tell them to stop talking after like one minute of it every single day now!! Then after they’re settled with a snack or with our craft they can more calmly tell me about their day, taking turns. Ugh, I swear my heart rate is up just talking about the insane, noisy hour after school! It’s worse than any other time of day! And it doesn’t really stop. They might talk more quietly but they literally talk every second of the day. At least Brooklyn and Sierra do. Payson just whines all the live long day. haha
But what was I talking about? Art? That’s more fun to hear about, I’m sure.  photo 053eresized_zps2a16d2ef.jpg photo 056eresized_zps4ae72aa7.jpg photo 153resized_zpseacca718.jpg photo 164eresized_zpsbf1ff93b.jpg photo 167eresized_zps8f61aef8.jpg

Brooklyn got those glasses from the dollar store and has worn them (without lenses) for the past three days straight. Even to school.  photo 192eresized_zps320393ae.jpg photo 196eresized_zpsa83121bc.jpg

It was maybe two minutes before Payson was making a huge mess with his paint.  photo 203eresized_zpsf815da8b.jpg

I don’t mind my kids using their fingers or hands to paint. And I try not to mind about him painting himself but… I wasn’t happy about it, honestly.  photo 219eresized_zps0af332e5.jpg photo 224eresized_zps649c4261.jpg

The kids played with Ember’s preschool boxes the rest of the afternoon. She has a bunch of different activities in 15 different dollar store storage boxes. This box in the photo was the hardware box, I think. It has nuts and bolts, a tape measurer, a key and lock, some carabiners (and stuff to link onto them) and… I’m not sure what else. haha. It’s a favorite with all the kids, though.  photo 232eresized_zpsfe208495.jpg

The girls showed me their finished paintings. They’re actually really cute but they didn’t photograph well and I was too lazy to change locations to get a better picture just to blog đŸ˜‰  photo 238eresized_zps8caf033d.jpg

Sierra showing one of the carabiners with rubber bands “strung” on.  photo 241eresized_zpsb2e5b84d.jpg

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  • I totally know what you mean about balance. This week after ten years of being a SAHM I went back to work part time. All week I have been drowning. I still have to find my balance. I think it's great you do the art with the kids. Also know you are not alone with the home from school babbling. Mine all do it too.

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