Yesterday it was 107 Degrees and I Died

It was September 4th and 107 degrees yesterday. That is wrong. So, so, so, so, so, so wrong.  photo 238eresized_zpsc7778246.jpg

Okay Arizona, you worthless state you, keep being as hot as the depths of hell. I’ll just hole up inside my blasted-with-A/C house and wear nothing but a thin nightgown all the live long day or pull out the baby pool in freaking September, or maybe our sprinkler… you just keep being wretched and when I move away, I will never ever ever be back. Ever.  photo 268eresized_zps15332288.jpg

PS: Anyone else have A/C (or heater) “wars” with their spouse? Allan asks me, literally, every single day if I want to turn the A/C down. I am usually, I swear, sweating at the moment he asks me. And I say, “NO!! I want to turn it up !!”
Third trimester + hottest summer ever = misery.  photo 287eresized_zpsb158b1da.jpg

8 thoughts on “Yesterday it was 107 Degrees and I Died

  • Hope it cools off for you. I remember being pregnant with my first during the winter time and even then I had the windows open, heater off and was dying of heat. Poor hubby was freezing and had to sleep in his fleece! He had no choice but to deal with it though as the alternative was me in a foul mood!

    107 would kill me and I'm not even pregnant. It was 82 here yesterday and I still feel sick today from the heat. We don't have AC in most places here though which sucks big time.

  • I can't handle 82 with no A/C, either!! I went to Washington for my sister's wedding and they didn't have A/C hardly anywhere and I felt so yucky all the time!

  • We used to battle over the A/C and heater, but finally we agreed on the hottest person gets to set the temp. I mean, if you're cold you can always put more on, but if you're hot, there's only so much you can take off!

    (Plus, it's really possible that I'm the one who is always the hottest and I can be extremely cranky and dang near impossible to be around if I'm hot. That may play a part in our agreement. 😉

  • Turning a thermostat down is always cooler, up is warmer. If it is set on 75 and I want it cooler I would turn it down so next time Allan says do you want me to turn down the a/c tell him YES! 🙂

  • That's another thing we disagree on! *I* say I want to turn *down* the A/C when I want it COOLER. Because the number is being turned lower.

    HE says turning UP the A/C because he means turning it on *higher* because more air is coming on!! Even though the number is being lowered.


  • I argue with the whole family over the A/C, I like it cooool! I hope you get to move somewhere you love soon. I can really tell you hate it there. I must say being from the Midwest where everything is green, I do enjoy your outdoor photos of the desert colors, but I wouldn't be able to stand the heat either. I'm really looking forward to fall here but calling for 96 here tomorrow. booo.

  • this is how my night goes with milo, too! going through menopause i can take care of “just” me, but it is hot and i'm a weinie in washington state! i love when it rains or is windy. everyone around me complains and i want to cry, “are you freaking kidding me? this is perfect weather!” i seriously feel your pain! i don't want to cook, fold hot clothes, or work up a worse sweat ever!

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