Home and Not Sleeping

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Ember has not slept well the last few nights. She crawls into my bed around 2, 3, or 4am and spends the rest of the night kicking or putting her hand down my shirt and whining for milk. I can only let her nurse for a minute once or twice a day, tops. I just can’t stand any more than that… my nipples are too sensitive and it’s a painful and annoying feeling!  photo 156eresized_zps0f4cd97d.jpg

So yesterday I was particularly tired. I just wanted to sleep all day. Ember wanted me to play with her all day. And my house needed to be cleaned.
Nothing ended up going very well yesterday but that’s just how it is sometimes.  photo 203eresized_zpsf219f2ea.jpg

She crawled into my bed last night, too. She wouldn’t let me go to sleep (kicking, pulling at my shirt, tossing and turning) so much so that I finally left my bed when she’d fallen into a light sleep and went to sleep on the couch. She found me there very shortly after and continued to keep me up. I was e x h a u s t e d and the second she fell into a light sleep again I went back to my own bed. Then around 6am she was up for the day but by then Payson was up for the day as well (my kids would wake up, and stay up, at like 4am if I let them!) so they played while I slept another hour.

So, yeah. I would really, really like some sleep and I don’t foresee any in my near future as today it is clear she has a cold and Ember handles colds about as well as a man does.
Which isn’t well at all 😉  photo 108eresized_zps438f5924.jpg

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