They, I, We

Finding her in the morning with my iPod. Quiet on the couch.  photo IMG_6813eresized_zps038c0037.jpg

Giving her things to do. She so very cheerfully helped me pick up the house that morning, without being asked, and then when she found out we were doing some fun stuff she chattered excitedly by my side, following me from room to room as I gathered supplies.  photo IMG_6824eresized_zps295d683a.jpg

She tells me what she’s doing as she goes along. I sit and listen to her adorable voice and feel so lucky to spend my day with her.  photo IMG_6818eresized_zps8d5faff7.jpg photo IMG_6823eresized_zpsdbabb1e4.jpg

She tried out painting with a toy car’s wheels. She loved it! It took her a minute to warm up to the idea of purposefully, with permission, using a toy to paint with. But once she did she happily played with the toys and paint and was oh so careful about her “work.”  photo IMG_6829eresized_zpsf6e6ec4f.jpg photo IMG_6831eeresized_zps15051627.jpg photo IMG_6833eresized_zpsf4d910df.jpg

She was carefully making her painting until she accidentally got a bit of paint on one of her fingers. Her finger hovered above the plate. Knowing what she wanted but that she wouldn’t because she was in a “being good” mindset for some reason… I told her, “You can paint with your fingers if you want to.”
She looked happy and moved her finger towards the plate. Then she stopped and looked at me, checking to make sure this was still okay?
“You can. You can use your fingers or your hand if you want!”  photo IMG_6836eresized_zps423f5688.jpg photo IMG_6840eresized_zps368d2663.jpg photo IMG_6845eresized_zpseabdebd0.jpg

After painting she played with pipe cleaners on the couch.  photo IMG_6847eresized_zpsc4851427.jpg

Then played cooking with her dishes and some letter tiles and beads for scooping and pouring.  photo IMG_6851eresized_zps8f2276fe.jpg photo IMG_6854eresized_zps39096e5c.jpg photo IMG_6857eresized_zps2531ac80.jpg

She went on to play with that set up for a good hour! I was surprised by how much she loved it. Though she loves scooping and pouring every time I pull stuff out to do so.
She also brought her pipe cleaners over and strung the beads on over and over again. In all kinds of patterns and talking out loud the entire time. I could happily film her playing for hours, it’s just so cute!

One day later in the week the kids and I went to WalMart. Probably Saturday. It rained. It stormed. It was a major downpour. We left the store with our groceries, the rain was coming down in buckets. I told the kids, “Well, here we go! Get ready to get soaked!” And we ran through the parking lot. Everyone was laughing, everyone took a bit longer than normal to get into the car, hoping to get rained on as much as possible.
Once in the car I waited a while until the rain calmed down. But later when I was driving it got worse than even before. It was crazy. But really fun. photo IMG_5698e_zps8dcb83c4.jpg

At home we ate and then when the rain had calmed down to a sprinkle we went back outside. It was still hot! But it was fun anyway and the highlight of the day (maybe my kids’ entire week!) was when Brooklyn found a baby frog (probably a toad, really) in our driveway.  photo IMG_6866esbresized_zps11891c1d.jpg photo IMG_6881eresized_zpsbcb5c7c5.jpg photo IMG_6883eresized_zps85d1f2f1.jpg

Payson and Ember play so sweetly and quietly together at bedtime. It’s actually extremely difficult to make them go to bed because they’re being so darn cute!!  photo 014bwcropresized_zpsdb366e6c.jpg

Over the weekend they stayed up two hours past their usual bedtime. It makes me sad that Payson’s in school. They are such good friends and miss each other during the day.  photo 025bwresized_zpsdff853b5.jpg photo 029eresized_zps98a482c1.jpg

A company contacted Allan about a job (well, two!) that they wanted to interview him for. He hadn’t applied for the job, they just heard about him and decided to initiate! So this company is a good company and the jobs (one where we want to move to, one in Colorado- where we don’t want to move to) are awesome. We’re pretty excited and anxious to hear more information. I think he has a second interview really soon and we’re hoping that means we’re moving soon! But I’ve been let down so freaking much I’m trying to mentally prepare for living here in Arizona for the rest of the year. If I plan for that I won’t be so let down if that’s what happens. There’s a lot going on with Everett coming in two months so, I can deal with it.
But I still prefer to move! ha
Anyway, Allan was sending off a thank you email for the interview he’d had that week. Ember watched.  photo 006eresized_zps8bd4a72f.jpg photo 012eresized_zpsc8c6b61a.jpg
And I’m spent.

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