Staying at Home with an Almost Three Year Old

To Ember,
Things you do at home with mom while the big kids are at school!

You and I run errands, of course. And you admire yourself and do silly faces at yourself in every mirror you find.  photo 117eresized_zps93979436.jpg

You play with your toys in your bowl of cereal. And in your cup of water. Mom says not to every single time but you know better, you know what’s fun!
 photo 120eresized_zpsbb998a3f.jpg
 photo 122eresized_zps658a16fe.jpg

You love playing with play-doh.  photo 139eresized_zps42747544.jpg

Mommy gives you candles and playing birthday party is super fun!  photo 143eresized_zps2f84793c.jpg

You love packing your bag and bringing it with us on errands.  photo 244eresized_zpsfbbafc2d.jpg

And you are constantly doing silly faces and dances and sounds.
 photo 162eresized_zps308c07a4.jpg

You get lots of cutting and gluing practice.  photo 044eresized_zpsff0f1cb8.jpg

And lots and lots of painting time, too!
 photo 052eresized_zps2862f82c.jpg

You have fun taking bubble baths with mommy! Mommy is hilarious and cracks you up the whole time!
 photo IMG_5271_zps2798afef.jpg

You like coloring outside with chalk early in the morning. (before it gets over 100 degrees!)  photo 092e2resized_zps5cc294f8.jpg

And then pretending the chalk pieces are members of a family. Because everything can (and will) be made into a mommy and baby pair when you’re holding them!  photo 098eresized_zps4de1c5f5.jpg

A huge favorite of yours is reading books. And also putting them away. You love cleaning! (Awesome)  photo 103eresized_zps689a18ad.jpg

Your favorites this week!  photo 106eresized_zpseed7675d.jpg

You’re obsessed with babies. You bring a baby with us everywhere and you play with all your many, many baby dolls at home all the time!  photo IMG_5192_zps2698c006.jpg

You get to go on lunch dates with mommy!  photo IMG_5145_zps25579c74.jpg

You love to play with mommy’s makeup.
 photo IMG_5063e_zps0c616a16.jpg

You LOVE to take pictures with the iPod with mommy. You bring me the iPod daily and I hold it up and you push the button to take our picture.
 photo IMG_5046_zps44e12033.jpg

You ask for mommy milty (milky) when you’re sleepy. I tell you stories every time you nurse these days. You LOVE hearing made up stories. You’ll request “I want another story” as soon as one ends.
 photo IMG_4982e_zps85860cfe.jpg
Other things you do every day that I didn’t take pictures of this week:
-Puzzles!!!! Puzzles, puzzles, and more puzzles
-Wash your hands in the bathroom all the time (your hands aren’t dirty)
-Wipe your nose over and over and put a bunch of toilet paper in the toilet (you’re not sick)
-Push a chair (or anything else you can) up to the counters/in the pantry/to the cupboards to get into stuff (food) you’re not supposed to
-Make messes with your food and drinks, every meal
-Take your clothes off
-Play really nicely by yourself, creating the cutest games and adventures with your toys 🙂
-Watch some TV or Netflix (faves: Dora, Team Umizoomi, Busy Town)
-Color, color, color, color, color, and color a lot more!
And really so many other things it’s crazy. You really make the most of your life! And I just love being a part of it 🙂

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