Having Fun at Home

Friday Ember and I stayed home. We didn’t want to spread her sickness around the town!

We did a lot of things together- read books, painted, colored, danced, and played with her baby dolls. We also spent quite some time playing around in her and Sierra’s room.  photo 077eresized_zpsaf8ba95f.jpg photo 092eresized_zps279b0f02.jpg photo 140eresized_zps2b82ddfd.jpg photo 170eresized_zps30429d4d.jpg photo 229eresized_zps6428c45a.jpg photo 231eresized_zps36f9c620.jpg photo 270eresized_zpsded5d1f8.jpg photo 293eresized_zps2893e9da.jpg photo 304e2resized_zps00ccb246.jpg photo 317eresized_zps27f2a13a.jpg photo 334eresized_zps25bc0b77.jpg photo 336eresized_zps7ad8ba95.jpg photo 341eresized_zps814005fa.jpg

She was hamming it up for the camera that afternoon!
And right after that last picture was taken my camera decided to break. Just stopped focusing without warning. So I guess I’m going to a repair shop later this week and hopefully they’re able to fix it right up. I have a bazillion things I’m going to need to photograph this month (like, I’m going to my sister’s wedding next week!) and I’d be pretty sad if I couldn’t take pictures!

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