Over Shooter!

I vowed this year was THE year I’d catch up on my family’s albums and so far I’m doing AAAAAMAZING at keeping up with THIS week. lol! Just this week so far.

I just spent an hour sorting through pictures from January of this year to at least try to catch up on 2013 but it is SOOO hard for me to not print every single photo!! haha!

My huge goal is ONE photo per day PER kid. NO MORE. I don’t want to send my kids off into their lives with 50 full scrapbooks!  photo Untitled-1_zps72e61514.jpg
Problem is, I can’t narrow it down! I will narrow it down, but man oh man is it difficult!

One thought on “Over Shooter!

  • Hats off to you! I wish I would have been more organized when my kids were younger and done albums as I went. I am not overwhelmed as to where to start! I did put together a short one of their childhoods for their graduations. Maybe I can vow to do that with grandchildren when I have them!

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