Today We Went Out and Then We Came Home

Stressed out. Kids so noisy. So demanding. Get home. Send them to their rooms. Quiet time! Stay in there for a good half hour, kids.

Headphones in iPod. Blast the music. Louder always better. Red Hot Chili Peppers. Always better with them. Give it Away, Can’t Stop. Favorites. Drown out my life. That only motherhood is my life. Pretend to be just me. Pretend to remember who the hell Ariana even is. Was.  photo 059eresized_zpsa1e32844.jpg

And in other riveting news, this belly keeps growing. Bigger and bigger. 26 weeks along now.  photo 074eresized_zps07793474.jpg

I have another ultrasound in two weeks. And don’t vaginal exams start soon? That’ll be fun.  photo 086eresized_zpsa66508b1.jpg

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