Provo River Waterfalls

One day in Utah we went to visit the Provo River Waterfalls. I thought about talking about the experience but there’s not that much interesting to say that doesn’t show in the photos! So, just photos for this post!  photo 019eresized2_zps7a53a252.jpg photo 034e2resized_zps3f17ea33.jpg photo 056e2resized_zpsac740ddf.jpg photo 106eresized_zps66336d34.jpg photo 123eresized_zpsf7a6f86e.jpg photo 124eresized_zps8cf83ad9.jpg photo 131eresized_zps50002300.jpg photo 138eresized_zps59c95081.jpg photo 155eresized_zpsf326cf6f.jpg photo 164eresized_zpsad7bed6e.jpg

This is the type of kiss Ember gives most of the time. She’ll grab the back of your head, pull you tightly to her, and scrunch up her whole face as she kisses you.  photo 162eresized_zps6b0916b9.jpg photo 167eresized_zps36280db8.jpg photo 180eresized_zps874496de.jpg photo 181eresized_zpsc07c2b4a.jpg

Back at the beginning of the falls. I admit I was pretty darn tired and ready to go back to the cabin at this point!  photo 190e2resized_zpsfc0c51b7.jpg

A kind stranger offered to take a picture of our family. Thanks, stranger!  photo 191eresized_zps3db4d22f.jpg photo 201eresized_zps9d7ed34d.jpg

Sierra does this goofy face in most of our pictures now.  photo 206eresized_zpsf7946652.jpg photo 210eresized_zps723293c7.jpg

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