Driving to and from Utah

I didn’t take too many pictures, but I did snap some. The driving part of our trip (26 hours total) was not fun. Payson and Ember really made things not lovely. To say the least πŸ˜‰  photo 005eresized_zps758b496a.jpg

But at least we ate healthy! πŸ˜›  photo 016e2resized_zps1f12d9a0.jpg

Letting the kids run around each time we stopped helped tremendously. It’s almost as if you could see the pent up energy. Ember would be giggling the whole time. Just giggling over nothing in particular, just being out of her carseat.  photo 012e2resized_zpsd6e97c14.jpg

The rest of these pictures are from the drive home on Sunday.  photo 698eresized_zps1a6d9459.jpg

All the restaurants in Kanab, UT were crazy busy. There wasn’t even one table available so we got food from the drive thru and drove in search of a picnic table. Luckily it wasn’t too hot that day!  photo 688eresized_zps67d6641e.jpg photo 690eresized_zpse0fbaf32.jpg

All four of my kids really love apples. We go through a lot of apples at our house! On the road wasn’t any different!  photo 710eresized_zps8f129da2.jpg

I love this next picture. I love candid pictures.  photo 716eresized_zps3fdb2123.jpg

I tell my kids lots of stories. I know I’ve blogged about how much we read together but they equally love me to tell them stories. Most of the time I make up stories involving characters with similarities to whichever child I’m talking to. Being so tired on the road trip home I decided to tell them Hansel and Gretel just so I didn’t have to do any extra work of thinking up a story from scratch! haha  photo 720eresized_zps4ac8bcdb.jpg photo 723eresized_zps210990e1.jpg photo 724eresized_zps1bc5889d.jpg

Hansel and Gretel is one of my kids’ favorites. The Three Little Bears and Little Red Riding Hood are also big winners.  photo 728eresized_zps6ca4619e.jpg photo 732eresized_zpsf8eca931.jpg

Payson got really quiet at the part about Hansel and Gretel nibbling the house. Allan took these pictures as I told the part when the old woman invited the children inside for dinner.  photo 733eresized_zpsbce70f07.jpg

I asked Payson if he’d be excited about having dinner since he would’ve been so very hungry. He looked at me sternly and firmly replied, “No! Because then that old woman would tell Gretel to eat me!!” (haha, his memory of the story a bit mixed up)

After I finished telling them the story we let them draw in the dirt with some sticks before heading on.  photo 743eresized_zps1bad7968.jpg photo 747eresized_zpscb2452ea.jpg

So half way through Arizona it started to rain and the sky turned this amazing deep gray, while still having bursts of sun through the clouds at times! And then we saw the most amazing double rainbow!! I’ve never scene such a vivid, vibrant rainbow before!! I tried to photograph it from the car because Allan loathes stopping on road trips unless absolutely necessary.  photo 756eresized_zps3e72e3d4.jpg  photo 765eresized_zps079ddfa4.jpg

Check out how the road looked with the dark clouds and the sun shining on the pale ground!! It was awesome!  photo 770eresized_zpsdceea5b6.jpg photo 773eresized_zps1b53ba23.jpg photo 779ecropresized_zpse43608d5.jpg photo 794eresized_zps6d56dc2d.jpg photo 797eresized_zps722f12f8.jpg photo 798ecropresized_zps03354dc7.jpg photo 812eresized2_zpsa09710c8.jpg photo 814eresized_zps390f10f3.jpg

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