Family Pictures from the Reunion

I finally finished editing the family photos from the reunion we had in Utah last week!

I don’t think I ever mentioned but when it was time to take the big group picture (33 people!) it started to rain. And right around the time we finished up taking pictures, it stopped! Usually I love the rain but I wasn’t a big fan that day! haha!  photo 457hseditcropresized_zps5c706e45.jpg

There’s actually a different picture of all the cousins together that is much cuter but poor Evaelle (the baby girl Brooke is holding) is blocked by Payson completely in that shot so this one was the better choice in the end.  photo 492eresized_zpsf25f9014.jpg

Allan’s brother Don, and his family.  photo 378e2resized_zpsb803dfdc.jpg

Our family. Thanks, Mary!  photo 420eresized_zpse0038b36.jpg

Allan’s brother Kevin, and his family.  photo 525eresized_zps1cf426dd.jpg

Allan’s brother Daniel, and his family.  photo 413eresized_zps64d67961.jpg

Allan’s brother Joe, and his family.
 photo 561eresized_zps5b35a69b.jpg photo 590eresized_zps42316f7b.jpg

Allan’s sister Laura, and her family.  photo 539eresized_zps5f7983f8.jpg photo 551eresized_zps75b8af99.jpg

The only ones missing were Allan’s youngest brother and his wife. They stayed in Texas and missed the reunion.

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