You Know When You’re Pregnant and Turn Psycho? Yeah.

You know when you’re pregnant and your taste buds totally change and there are really only a few things in the world that taste really good. The rest is just blah or worse, gross?

And let’s say you buy one of the things that sounds good and you think, I can’t wait until lunch so I can eat it because every breakfast food on earth sounds revolting but salad with caesar dressing sounds amaaaaazing?

And then you look through the fridge for the salad dressing. But it’s not there! And you feel your heart rate rising at the idea that maybe it’s somehow gone?! And what will you possibly do if you can’t have caesar salad for lunch?!?! WHAT is there to eat?! And who cares, it’s not caesar salad!!

So because your husband put away the food last night, and because the salad and dressing were part of that food, you call him to ask him where he put it in the fridge.

But you’re terrified that he threw it away. There were a good two servings left in that dressing packet but maybe he thought… maybe he didn’t realize, how much it meant to you. Maybe he thought… that ranch would suffice?! (Gag)

And he answers the phone and you don’t even want to ask the question because you already know the answer but you ask anyway. And when he says he threw it away… you can’t even speak to him anymore. He took away the one thing you were looking forward to all morning, the only food in the entire house that sounded appealing.

And he didn’t do it to be mean, in fact he probably thought it was a good thing since he assumed it would never get used. But you seriously need to hang up the phone or you’ll start crying. Or you’ll say something stupid about how mad you are and you know you’re being unreasonable about salad dressing because your pregnancy hormones are raging.

Then you hang up. And you put the lettuce back in the fridge. Because ranch dressing sounds like the last thing on earth you want to consume. And you cry. And you decide not to eat until dinner.

3 thoughts on “You Know When You’re Pregnant and Turn Psycho? Yeah.

  • LOL! I can remember when I was preg with my first, I used to go from laughing to crying hysterically in about 5 seconds between the two, I made dinner one night and put too much sauce on hubby's dish and he teased me asking me if it was soup and I started sobbing. He spent the next 6 months very cautious as neither of us could ever tell when I might laugh or cry. Hope you found something else to eat that sounded good!

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