Thanks, Allan!

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Tonight as soon as Allan got home from work we headed over to our neighborhood park to take a few back to school photos of the kids. Allan helped a lot and we took a couple family pictures really quick at the end!
I’ll share the photos of the kids sooner or later. I can’t believe I have a fourth grader, second grader, and kindergartener! I feel like I was just in school myself! And yet I look at the kids at school and hear what they talk about and can’t believe I was ever a kid at all! haha  photo 222eresized_zpsa20c09bd.jpg

Thanks for the comments on my last post, by the way. I meant to respond to them individually but my internet hasn’t worked most of the day (whole other rant there!) and I’m trying to use my limited computer time on finishing up those Utah trip photos! Here’s a photo we took on the drive there:  photo 016eresized_zpsf0061821.jpg

Oh yeah and I went to David’s Bridal and got myself this dress:  photo Untitled-1resized_zps4db0e2de.jpg

And Ember is the flower girl and got the dress pictured below but in guava like my dress.  photo Untitled-2resized_zps2d80849c.jpg

And that’s all I have time for just now. I love crossing things off my to do list. Next up: buy plane tickets to Washington for 6 people. Thankfully weddings don’t happen that often in our family because it’s going to hurt to spend a couple thousand dollars on plane tickets! Eep.

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  • Wow I've been reading your blog for awhile now and I cannot get over how grown up the older girls look. Especially Brooklyn she's gotten so tall! Is Ember's hair a lot darker then your other kids?

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