So these are boring old reposts from instagram. But I’m out of pictures to share as I’m currently out of town and posting in advance.
From the day Ember and I played in the rain while Allan was at church with the older three kids.  photo IMG_4613eresized_zpsf9779075.jpg photo IMG_4648resized_zpsd3cad7e7.jpg

Lots of playing with her baby doll these days. She describes what she’s doing as she plays.  photo IMG_4620eresized_zps80453ee9.jpg photo IMG_4630eresized_zps93506ee5.jpg photo IMG_4644eresized_zps8902ad68.jpg

I love having my kids’ drawings on the fridge.  photo IMG_4649eresized_zps368abd35.jpg

I love Payson’s self portrait and how he was, of course, Spiderman.  photo IMG_4652resized_zpsbc439036.jpg

3 thoughts on “iPod

  • Do you guys call Brooklyn Brook most of the time? or do her friends/teachers/other call her Brook too?

  • I have the same question as Lillian do you only call Brooklyn Brooke now. I know in older posts you referred to her as that sometimes but does she prefer that all the time now?

  • She does prefer Brooke. Though her siblings and her extended family all still call her Brooklyn. As do I, half the time! Allan, her teacher, and her friends all call her Brooke.

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