In Search of Green, We Went

 photo 156e2resized_zps57c0ae7c.jpg

We took a drive, not too far, in search of green.
It had rained, it felt cooler than normal, it was nice.  photo 169eresized_zps71378761.jpg

There was much talk of wild animals and bugs out there in the trees.  photo 232eresized_zps04cebbd0.jpg photo 176eresized_zps15ffb82f.jpg

We spotted two dead beetles. They looked like they’d been mating and just… died? I thought it was weird. The kids stood around watching them laying there unmoving.  photo 180eresized_zpsb618655b.jpg

Payson threw a rock at them to see if they were really dead. And they jumped up and ran off! He screamed, startled. He couldn’t believe it! They’d laid there unmoving for so very long!  photo 195eresized_zps7a2e749b.jpg photo 194eresized_zpsc9b48aa5.jpg

We stayed around for a little bit longer before calling it quits and heading back towards our car. Stopping many times along the way to climb on stone walls in the area.  photo 228eresized_zpsaabf51d5.jpg photo 251eresized_zps3b725cc6.jpg photo 252eresized_zps7fc1b919.jpg

One thought on “In Search of Green, We Went

  • Green. Rain. You need to move to washington 🙂 Our summer has been simply beautiful, sunshine & 70's with one day of rain every couple weeks. You'd love it!!

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