Baby Kicks

Everett is an extremely active baby. He is constantly moving around and kicking and I love it! It’s so much fun feeling those kicks all through my day! It makes me think of him constantly (as if I don’t already think about him constantly!)
Ember was my most mellow baby in the womb. She’d kick sometimes but she was just really chill most of the time. Having a baby who moves so much and so often is seriously just fun!

It hardly matters how active he’s been, however, how many jumps and kicks and punches he’s done, the second I tell Allan to come over and feel my belly Everett stops kicking and doesn’t kick again! haha! Every single time! So for now it’s just me that gets to enjoy him and I’m pretty okay with that 😉

Today I have to go try on and order a bridesmaid dress for my younger sister’s wedding. I will be 7 months pregnant. All the other bridesmaids are around 23 years old and teeny tiny. My sister is 23 and teeny tiny, too. So it’ll be a line of young, skinny girls and then me. Old, fat, and hugely pregnant! haha. It’s going to be the best experience ever! I can’t wait to see the pictures!! 😛

Alright, Saturday is going to be crazy busy (it already has been and it’s only 9:45am!) so gotta go!

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