Doctor, School, and More!

A quick post before I head out to the store!

I had an appointment with my OB yesterday. Baby Everett (or baby Evwett if you ask Ember!) is doing well. Strong heartbeat and growing great. I have another ultrasound to see my little guy in 5 weeks and I really can’t wait to see him again! I’m super ansy for him to get here!!  photo 011bwresized_zps35c8906e.jpg

I’ve been looking forward to Payson starting kindergarten for a very long time. This kid was born for school. He’s super smart and way social. He LOVES people. He LOVES kids. He LOVES learning. I think if he manages to keep his extreme goofiness under control he’ll be a star student. (I’m hoping!!) We registered him for school and I was shocked at how emotional I got. Ever since, every time I look at him he seems so tiny. He seems like my bitty baby again and I can’t believe he’s off to school!  photo 020resized_zps21dfa357.jpg

I had to edit out a lot of information on this next picture and almost didn’t include it but it was at this very moment when I teared up in the school office! lol. There’s a place (second line) where the student has to sign his/her name and watching Payson do it made it super real and I was suddenly wiping my eyes and trying to compose myself.  photo 026eresized_zps9d61e073.jpg

Speaking of school, we went shopping for all three kids’ needed school supplies and oh my goodness that was not fun at all!! Buying stuff off a list for three different children with all three excited and talking a mile a minute and pulling all kinds of things off shelves (most of which weren’t even on the list) was overwhelming. It didn’t help that Ember was crying or whining virtually the entire time! She did NOT want to shop for the kids’ school stuff! (Getting a new pack of crayons just for her helped a lot in the end!)  photo 040eresized_zps00b22db1.jpg

New backpacks! It took all of two seconds for Payson to find and grab his Mario backpack! It also took him about one second to walk down the lunch bag aisle, spot a Mario lunch bag, and throw it in the cart. lol  photo 044eresized_zps5668ad2d.jpg photo 054eresized_zps553e70c6.jpg

We also got one new outfit for each kid for the first day of school. Payson got two more outfits than that just because he has less clothes than his sisters do. He, for some reason, thought this undershirt, tank top was the best thing he’d ever put on his body.
 photo IMG_4532resized_zpsd8794dd5.jpg

We finally got home around lunchtime and I was feeling like I was going to pass out with hunger! I hadn’t eaten all day (though I did feed the kids!) just because things were so hectic! I made us all a delicious lunch…  photo 030eresized_zps15ce82e9.jpg

Except I cut the crap out of my finger when slicing that bread and it still hurts!!
 photo IMG_4540resized_zps8ae327a4.jpg

But this pure deliciousness was worth the pain.!! Everett spent quite a while after this meal kicking up a storm! I’m going to assume that means he likes baguette and cheese and I need to eat it daily πŸ˜‰  photo 033eresized_zps1d38c1a8.jpg

The kids’ plates, minus Ember’s since she didn’t eat until an hour later, as she was napping at the time!  photo 037eresized_zps3cd8d4de.jpg

Now we’re on to today. Payson had his five year checkup (haha, yes a bit late!) and kindergarten vaccinations. He had four shots and was not excited about that! However, he didn’t whine or wince and most definitely did not cry! I was super proud of him. And just for my own sake, he was a total angel and charming during his appointment β™₯  photo 004resized_zps8ce1b74a.jpg

We got home and after eating the kids watched some Pac Man show and then Littlest Petshops.  photo 015eresized_zps685353e4.jpg

Except Payson who was, of course, playing Super Mario World!  photo 027eresized2_zps8bd5f4e4.jpg photo 029eresized_zps9bc4552f.jpg

Oh yeah, Ember doesn’t watch TV for long so she broke away to color. I sat down and colored with her. She’s fun to color with because she’ll ask me to draw her something and when I do she thanks me profusely and tells me how she loves it πŸ™‚  photo 034eresized_zps6afa9fd8.jpg

4 thoughts on “Doctor, School, and More!

  • I didnt know you picked a name already!! I love Everett, so cute!! and its fine if its paysons middle name. I know a family who has 3 boys and one of the boys first name is william and the other 2 have william as middle names. Love the food post! i miss when you used to show the kids meals!

  • Thank you! I absolutely love the name, too!! It's been my favorite baby name since as long as I can remember!

    I've been personally calling the baby Everett all along but I couldn't really say that on my blog until Allan came around. He loves loves the name Everett but was really worried people would think it was odd to use the older brother's middle name. I thought it was a non issue, personally. lol
    He tried to find other baby names he liked and could convince me on. But Everett is special to me and those other names just aren't πŸ™‚

    What finally sealed the deal for Allan about the name Everett was when I showed him all the entries about the name Everett in my journal from the last bazillion years of my life! lol!!
    He remembered how important the name has been to me for so many years and realized it was pretty silly to worry about it being one son's middle name πŸ™‚

    And that's the story of Everett. haha!! That got long!

  • Funny thing – my daughter wasn't going to go back to school for the fall semester. She was thinking about transferring to a different college – so when she was in the store one day recently, she said 'you know what? I'm sad I won't be able to shop for school supplies this year!' We're not talking crayons, and markers. We're talking notebooks, pens, folders, and paper. She loves to get Hello Kitty folders, even though she's a senior in college. But, she decided last night to go back to the same school, and just finish her degree there, so she gleefully announced that now we can go shopping for school supplies.

    No matter how old kids get, there is always something they enjoy that's related to their childhood. She always loved school supply shopping. πŸ™‚

    Love the name for the new baby! πŸ™‚

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