My kids love eating in Subway. They don’t prefer the food over other food, they just love the inside of that place for some reason!  photo 014resized_zpsf4115119.jpg photo 015resized_zps94d2a3f9.jpg photo 016resized_zps6a7acfd5.jpg photo 017resized_zps736f6987.jpg photo 020eresized_zpsa8b4bdb0.jpg

There were some good songs playing while we ate. Ember couldn’t resist dancing while waiting for her siblings to finish eating.  photo 027eresized_zpscc05dab4.jpg photo 035eresized_zps4dd9e10b.jpg photo 037eresized_zpsad0c7ba9.jpg

Brooklyn was telling me a story. She tells me lots of stories.  photo 040eresized_zpsfe0d4eb8.jpg

The guy that rang up our order handed me a huge stack of napkins saying, “I can see that they’re (motioning to my kids at the table) about to make a huge mess.”
It didn’t come across as rude, just matter of fact. And with my massive group of children that’s more often than not likely. But that day at Subway my kids didn’t spill even one small crumb. It was funny timing with that guy having given me so many napkins!  photo 042eresized_zps854e1073.jpg

Driving home!  photo 045eresized_zpsa0fe73c6.jpg

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