On a cloudy day (where it still got up to 105, darn it!) we brought out the sprinkler for some fun outside time. Sun behind clouds means my fair skinned, prone to burning Brooklyn is safe without needing to be dowsed in sunscreen šŸ™‚  photo 149eresized_zpsdbf5f053.jpg

Up until this day Ember was never a fan of sprinklers. I was pleasantly surprised when she ended up running through the sprinklers quite a bit with her siblings!  photo 154eresized_zps42884c0d.jpg

The kids kept asking me to take pictures of their jumps. Well, you don’t have to ask this mother twice!  photo 184resized_zpsd02e318a.jpg photo 188resized_zpsb94cb2d6.jpg photo 209resized_zpsc362bf87.jpg photo 210resized_zps198c6023.jpg photo 211resized_zpsf9ea3a34.jpg

After a while Ember asked me if she could go inside and get new, dry clothes. We came in and I got her dressed. She watched her siblings from the sliding glass door.  photo 252resized_zps42193d34.jpg photo 254resized_zpsaf541d46.jpg photo 246resized_zps956fa2ba.jpg

And then she begged for mommy milky.  photo 228resized_zpsa3918dc8.jpg

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