Mega iPod Dump!

I should add my iPod pictures to my regular posts more often. I do instagram a lot. My instagram username is Ariana_Tiffany. If you have instagram you should find me on there and we can be instagram friends!
Sorry in advance for the hodge podge nature of this post.

First up is a meal that Sierra loved. This was several weeks or a month ago. Spinach and cheese ravioli, chicken, and salad.  photo IMG_3645resized_zpsa779eacb.jpg

We’re stuck inside a lot from the heat so we play video games and watch TV a bunch. This day it was so hot outside (118) that even though our A/C was set to 70 (!) we were all sweaty and miserable. Video games that day were played a lot!
 photo IMG_3857resized_zpsfbdd6fa3.jpg

I bought some awesome books at Costco. They’re $7.99 each and they have grooved lines and shapes for little kids to trace with their fingers. This is pre-handwriting skill development. Ember loves these books. Loves, loves, loves them!!  photo IMG_4167eresized_zpsfd96ecf6.jpg photo IMG_4183eresized_zps700c42f0.jpg photo IMG_4193eresized_zps89173684.jpg

I also bought two boxes of learning cards. One for Ember and one for Payson. They look pretty simple (they teach letters and numbers) but when I opened up the box they were even better than I imagined!  photo IMG_4195resized_zps421d5264.jpg

They have cards (shown below) with a different thing to learn about on each and on the back of the card are little things to teach kids along with activities or small projects you can do to reinforce what they just learned!  photo IMG_4196resized_zpsd4c6493f.jpg

The activity on one of the cards (the big, bigger, biggest one) was to trace different family members’ hands and compare the size difference 🙂  photo IMG_4198resized_zps36bdbeb9.jpg

Ember using her tracing book again. I bring one of these books with us everywhere we go and she loves to trace the lines in the car.
 photo IMG_4226resized_zpse0c0f5b3.jpg

I don’t know why I took this?
 photo IMG_4234resized_zps79b93e62.jpg

My older girls fight a lot but really are best friends. I’m so glad they have each other to play with.  photo IMG_4259eresized_zps08d9efe2.jpg

Arts & crafts time!  photo IMG_4266eresized_zps8892313b.jpg

Spiderman poses.
 photo IMG_4276eresized_zps25cd164a.jpg

 photo IMG_4278eresized_zpsea4eb4d2.jpg

Brooklyn’s personality summed up in one picture.
 photo IMG_4295resized_zps8ba6b3af.jpg

The little kids’ craft was making a lei.
 photo IMG_4298resized_zpsaad77c5a.jpg photo IMG_4303resized_zps439827a4.jpg

The older girls were coloring pages from a coloring book we got at Costco.  photo IMG_4301resized_zpsfeda8611.jpg photo IMG_4302resized_zpsa55979b0.jpg

The little kids and their finished leis. (These were from our Mother Goose Time monthly kit)
 photo IMG_4309resized_zpsb221de2f.jpg photo IMG_4319resized_zpsdc8f19dd.jpg

Ember took her lei apart and put it back together a handful of times.
 photo IMG_4337resized_zps7b28a9db.jpg

Brooklyn’s been reading the Hobbit with Allan. She drew Gollum and Bilbo one day and I loved seeing her interpretation of them.
 photo IMG_4341resized_zpsa9e54017.jpg

I’ve tried dozens of brands/flavors of yogurt to try to get Ember to eat some and she’s adamantly refused all. She spotted this yogurt with Dora (her favorite) on the package and wanted it. And she ate it all!!!
 photo IMG_4346resized_zps93ce8cd0.jpg

The older girls’ craft was this kit with pom pom animals. Brooklyn got really pissed and attempted to ruin the supplies. She can’t do crafts aimed at her age range (she is a couple years behind other kids her age when it comes to motor skills) and this was was targeted for 8+. I really thought it’d be okay for her but I was dead wrong. She threw all the supplies around the room when I refused to let her cut them up with scissors. Back to simpler crafts we go!  photo IMG_4355resized_zps799d8474.jpg

And in the same time frame Ember ripped a few pages out of a library book. Thanks, Ember! I just love paying full price for a book! Especially one that’s old and has been flipped through and worn out by hundreds of kids for who knows how many years!  photo IMG_4356resized_zps432b7077.jpg

I made banana bread and it was super yummy. (If you google banana bread it’s the recipe from allrecipes that is called banana banana bread)  photo IMG_4357resized_zps6f5fe8d5.jpg

While I was cooking dinner Ember was playing with toys on the counter.
 photo IMG_4370resized_zps292439b0.jpg

Lately the older girls ask me often to take pictures of them so that they can play with the different photo apps I have on my iPod. Their favorite is LensLight.  photo IMG_4373eresized_zps13c3381b.jpg

I’m 22 weeks along. Measuring 24 weeks along! I have measured two weeks larger with all five of my pregnancies! (this is a flattering picture, I’m really much larger than I appear here, as you’ll see in the picture after the one below! lol)  photo IMG_4394eresized_zps005dfa93.jpg

iPod pictures are not accurate; which is awesome if you’re overweight like I am! lol. I always find it interesting when women only take pictures of their pregnant selves with an iphone/ipod/camera phone. I’ve never taken an iPod picture that accurately shows my size!  photo 127eresized_zps20db51d5.jpg

I gave Ember pigtails one day and Sierra asked if I could do the same to her hair. She even wanted to use Ember’s hair barrettes.  photo IMG_4411resized_zps71ac2f05.jpg

There was a major storm here Friday. We didn’t realize how big the storm would get so I let the kids play in the rain for a couple minutes. In that time it went from zero rain to pouring BUCKETS. Full on storm, really not okay for kids playing in!!! I had them all come inside right away.  photo IMG_4425eresized_zps5440ac69.jpg

Sierra slipped on the wet garage floor (our floor is slippery because it’s sealed with… something?) and smacked her head on the tire of our SUV. She immediately had the biggest goose egg I’ve ever seen and it freaked me out. I got her frozen veggies right away and had her sit down while I inwardly freaked out and thought about taking her to the ER. My kids’ heads have been bumped so many times though that I know the drill… you check for the “bad” signs and if they don’t have them then you just ice it every few hours. Her pupils were dilating, she wasn’t dizzy or confused or anything, she wasn’t tired or lethargic or ill in any other way. Her headache went away fairly shortly afterwards. To this day (two days later) it hurts if you touch her goose egg but besides that, she’s fine. Thank goodness! Regardless, I felt so sorry for her. The goose egg is on the back of her head (under her hair) and you can see it sticking out 🙁  photo IMG_4429resized_zpse2dbce03.jpg

We waited quite a while for the storm to die off. When it stopped raining I let the kids go outside and play in the fantastic puddles left behind!  photo IMG_4437eresized_zps9f1ab3cc.jpg photo IMG_4444eresized_zps6f08473b.jpg
And that wraps up my insanely jumbled, long iPod photos post!

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