We went to Walgreen’s to get some colored pencils for the girls to use in their new coloring book.
Ember was coloring before we left and insisted on bringing her bucket of crayons. I made her take them into the store so they wouldn’t melt in the car!  photo 019resized_zps59475809.jpg

It took no time for the kids to start asking me for each and every thing in the store.  photo 024resized_zpse02e6738.jpg photo 028resized_zps53e2faa3.jpg photo 031resized_zpsac03b52b.jpg photo 040resized_zps43e7f098.jpg

Besides the colored pencils the only thing I did buy was a 99 cent notebook for Ember to color in since she’d filled her last one up.  photo 046resized_zpsa8f6990d.jpg

3 thoughts on “Walgreen’s

  • Hi Ariana, I noticed you put the name of your little boy on the side with his picture. Just wanted to say I love the choice that you went with. The two names sound great together excellent choice.

  • Thank you!!
    It's the only name that's meant something to me my whole life. I was born in Everett, Washington and always have been attached to the name.
    Allan picked out Easton 🙂

  • Yay! Glad you went with your first choice name! Looking forward to “meeting” Everett in November 🙂

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