Sunset in the Yard

It was still over 100 degrees but dim enough to handle being outdoors. My cooped up kids thought so anyway.  photo 053resized_zps4136f806.jpg photo 057resized_zps4de42d08.jpg photo 070eresized_zpsb5872ba8.jpg photo 105eresized_zpseda502cf.jpg photo 121eresized_zps41ab4a1e.jpg

I captured classic Brooklyn on “film.” Her usual expressions during conversation.  photo 130resized_zps995a7e91.jpg photo 132eresized_zps99604078.jpg

I told her those pictures captured her looking annoyed with her arms folded.  photo 138eresized_zpsdaad696a.jpg

I hate the fence in our yard. The paint comes off like crazy and of course my kids spend the majority of their time outdoors climbing on it.  photo 147eresized_zpsdbb7463a.jpg photo 149eresized_zps9447f04d.jpg photo 150eresized_zps204836e3.jpg photo 154eresized_zps71e76ff2.jpg photo 155eresized_zps5f64d921.jpg photo 158eresized_zps3709cbc5.jpg photo 159eresized_zps46b64881.jpg

I thought about turning the sprinkler on for the kids but it was too close to bedtime by then. Instead I gave them a small container of water and some bath boats.  photo 173eresized_zps5d2a0a85.jpg photo 176eresized_zps099a1cd4.jpg

2 thoughts on “Sunset in the Yard

  • This is gonna sound like a totally weird creeper comment, but I just gotta say that you have such a pretty face. Even when just a small part of your face is in the pic (like the ones here with Ember), your face is so pretty. I feel like when only a part of my face gets in a pic, I look like a man! LOL So, yeah, not a creeper, but just wanted to send you that compliment!

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