Grocery Shopping with Ember

I should rename my blog The Ember Show. It’s what, 90% Ember these days? It’s not my fault! It’s totally hers. She loves having her picture taken and she’s always in a good mood!!

Ember and I went to Costco and WalMart yesterday. It was really hot out but not as hot out as the week before. I thought this would mean an easier time and less sweating but that wasn’t the case at all.
Some day I won’t live in the desert.
Some day I won’t live in the desert.
Some day I won’t live in the desert.  photo 004eresized_zpsc78d1077.jpg

We went to Costco first and that darn book section ruined my life! The book section at Costco is worse than the entire store of Target!! (Both cause money hemorrhaging)  photo 007eresized_zpsbd113187.jpgCreepy Dora photobombs.

Ember was pretending to sleep while I drove. The kids love it when I talk about how they are sleeping so everyone has to be quiet. I love it when their eyes are still closed but they crack a smile.  photo 013eresized_zpsabc3e8f8.jpg

Before going into WalMart we got a bottle of water outside. We were parched!
Ember spotted donuts and affectionately held on to them until I told her to put them back. And she didn’t complain at all about not getting them. Because she’s Ember and she’s perfect 😉  photo 022eresized_zpsd8ded2d0.jpg

The reason I’d been able to leave the older three kids at home was that Allan stayed home sick from work. He was throwing up a lot the day before. Yesterday he was home feeling awful but not throwing up. I fed the older three kids right before I left and stuck them in front of netflix. They were there when I came home.
Coming off of a week long hike in the Colorado mountains to then get some severe stomach thing, Allan’s entire body was sore. But mostly his back and neck. He kept trying to sit in a chair to work on his laptop (he was too busy to not work the entire day) but he’d be in a lot of pain and lay back down on the bed to work.  photo 030eresized_zps6884e210.jpg

The boppy made a good laptop pillow. haha  photo 032eresized_zps779bd811.jpg

Ember loves to pull my face close to hers and talk to me. Or rub noses together or give me long kisses. lol. All my kids have gone through this phase. I love it.  photo 034eresized_zps85692616.jpg photo 036eresized_zpsa2ddf9f1.jpg

The peel-mom’s-eyelids-up phase is slightly less adored by me. But she’s so adorable when she does it.  photo 041eresized_zpsacc4a6e6.jpg

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