Home Again Home Again

Allan was gone for the last week. He was lucky and missed out on the hottest week of the year so far. This week’s temperature’s are about 10 degrees cooler. And by cooler I mean we’ve gone from 118 to 108.

So he left this place:  photo 034eresized_zps266e4ffb.jpg

To spend time in this place:
 photo 049e_zpsb0e7e0e0.jpg

Though I don’t envy him because he was carrying like 50 pounds on his back and hiking for many miles every day in a high altitude. If I’d tried that I surely would’ve died!
Anyway, we all missed him a whole heck of a lot and though I was dying for some quality time with my husband, the kids always come first and they pretty much got all his time this weekend. It was cute watching them play, talk, and cuddle though 🙂  photo IMG_4056bw_zpsa8483096.jpg

I hit 22 weeks pregnant and am looking more like 32 weeks pregnant. Baby’s kicks can be felt from outside my belly now 🙂
 photo IMG_4045e_zps83c97587.jpg

While Allan was gone Ember slept in our bed every night. So far it has been unsuccessful getting her back into her own bed.  photo 004eresized_zps0fdf4969.jpg

Another great thing about Allan being home (besides him just being home to talk to and be with!) is that he BBQ’d steak for us! I boiled some corn and we added a salad and it was seriously yummy!  photo 010eresized_zpsfde0db4a.jpg
That’s about it!

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