This was Friday

Morning bath for the younger kids.  photo 011eresized_zpsfc93e30f.jpg

Ember’s hair will not part in any other way on the back of her head. If I try to part it different it sticks up like crazy. When I part it like it shows below, then her hair lays perfectly flat.  photo 013eresized_zps4c0b12f6.jpg

McDonald’s because mom is lazy.  photo 019eresized_zps2f99defc.jpg

Sierra traded in her toy for another.  photo 020eresized_zps9fee5b32.jpg

While Brooklyn stayed at the table we’d eaten at, talking my ear off, the three other kids played at an empty table just across from us.  photo 023eresized_zps3be921f4.jpg

My kids’ favorite thing to do in the store is hide from me. They don’t stay by me without me telling them a hundred times. I find them frustrating, they find themselves hysterical.  photo 028eresized_zps8c29ea03.jpg

They were being so freaking annoying as we checked out (playing with all the toys by the register, fighting with each other, running into the cart, pushing the cart into the person ahead of us) I sent them to sit on the bench that’s across the aisle so I could pay in peace.  photo 033eresized_zps7cca1add.jpg

It is ugly and dead here in Arizona. Brown, dirt, and heat.  photo 040eresized_zps421d92f9.jpg

One day, hopefully in the next month, I will look down and see grass when I walk outside.  photo 043resized_zps1a5e80e2.jpg

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