Peter Piper Pizza

I had planned on just staying indoors 100% of the time for this last week when the high temps sky rocketed. After five days THAT made me total craze balls.
We waited until like 7pm one night to head out to Peter Piper Pizza. It was 109 degrees at that time.

109 degrees. At 7pm.

But Peter Piper Pizza was air conditioned!
I told the kids the buzzer would go off when our pizza was ready and that it might startle them. So they all held their hands on it waiting to be jolted. haha  photo 007eresized_zpsb6e3eded.jpg

Pizza is Ember’s favorite food in the whole wide world. Any toppings, she loves it. Some mornings she actually wakes me up by saying, “Hi mommy, I love you. Can I have pizza?” (no joke)  photo 009eresized_zps629faf83.jpg

The first game Ember played she hit the jackpot on!! haha. I had the kids come over and told them what was happening and we all cheered for her. It was awesome!  photo 012eresized_zpscdb7e20f.jpg

The little kids were really into the basketball games this time around. Ember could not get the ball over the clear protective screen. She kept hitting it and the ball would go rolling across the place. I had to hold her up and then she finally got the ball over.  photo 018eresized_zps09c4e107.jpg

The little kids also love the skeeball machines even though they can almost never get the balls where they need to go. Payson did really well this time but Ember didn’t get one single ball up there. In the end I rolled them all up. She had fun anyway, though.  photo 029eresized_zpsd4f82893.jpg

Ember’s favorite thing at Peter Piper Pizza is the merry go round. She spent 6 tokens on that thing throughout the night đŸ™‚  photo 036eresized_zpse5b28128.jpg photo 061eresized_zps70bc15aa.jpg

Payson loves it, too!  photo 082eresized_zps49c2b82f.jpg photo 083eresized_zpse8df492a.jpg

Happily, by the end of the night each kid had won at least one game that gave them a lot of tickets so they were each proud of their winnings.  photo 102resized_zpsc0d4688b.jpg photo 106resized_zps626284f2.jpg

As always, the younger three picked out their prizes in record time and we all stood around waiting for Brooklyn to choose. And as always, as we left the place Brooklyn regretted her choices. I remember that feeling as a child.  photo 111resized_zps6632a86b.jpg

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